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    About Imperative PR:

    Welcome to IMPERATIVE PR - a UK based music pr and management specialist - and your gateway to relevant music media outlets and labels the world over.
    With years of combined experience in a variety of fields, a real passion for the music we promote and the drive and work ethic to succeed, IMPERATIVE PR can provide you with the launchpad you need to get your band noticed and your music heard.
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  • Final Coil

    Final Coil prepare to release The World We Left Behind For Others

    March 15, 2019

    It’s now nearly two years since the release of Final Coil’s remarkable debut album, Persistence Of Memory and the time approaches to open the next chapter in the band’s story. This spring, through label WormHoleDeath, Final Coil will release their second album; a breathtaking concept album...

  • Body Harvest

    Body Harvest prepare to release Parasitic Slavery

    March 14, 2019

    Finally, the new album from violent death metal machine Body Harvest is ready to be unleashed! Hellish visions of alternate realities, where humanity is enslaved and slaughtered, consumed by ravenous beasts, the endless screams echoing through the dark tunnels of the harvesting chambers; Parasitic Slavery brings this nightmare scenario to bloody, brutal life...

  • Embludgeonment

    Embludgeonment prepare to release Barn Burner

    February 20, 2019

    Some bands are meant to lead not follow, some bands set their own rules and follow their own path, creating the music that they want to hear, regardless of the whims and trends of the scene; New Jersey’s Embludgeonment are one such band. Brutal beyond belief and death metal without question...

  • Perversor

    Perversor prepare to release Umbravorous

    February 08, 2019

    Perversor are unflinchingly dedicated to the true sound of underground metal. Since they began back in 2007 they have remained steadfast and resolute in their pursuit of the dark magic that infused the great records that ushered in a new age of darkness in the early ‘80s; the likes of I.N.R.I., The Return Of Darkness And Evil, In The Sign Of Evil and Apocalyptic Raids...

  • Foul Body Autopsy

    Foul Body Autopsy prepare to release The Unquiet Dead

    February 04, 2019

    Join us as we travel back to the post apocalyptic world of Foul Body Autopsy! Last year Tom Reynolds, the man behind the Foul Body Autopsy name, took us on a violent adventure through a zombie infested world with the George A. Romero inspired concept album, This Machine Kills Zombies. Now, the man described by Angry Metal Guy as, ‘a fucking riff machine’ invites us to return to the kingdom of the undead...

  • fetal Bleeding

    Fetal Bleeding release The Quest Of Immortality

    January 24, 2018

    More than five years since the release of their debut EP, Basa, Basi, Busuk, Indonesia’s Fetal Bleeding have returned with their first full length album; a collection of songs steeped in darkness and drenched in direst cruelty. The Quest Of Immortality summons up images of secret cults, rituals of blood...

  • ORO

    ORO prepare to release Djupets Kall

    January 21, 2018

    From the Swedish city of Örebro, surrounded by forests, in the shadows of the Kilsbergen mountains come ORO; armed with a debut album that will sweep you down into the depths of darkness and lay your heart bare to the cold anguish of memory. Constructed from vast riffs and aching intimacy, the songs that make up Djupets Kall offer a staggering listening experience...


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