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    Welcome to IMPERATIVE PR - your gateway to relevant music media outlets the world over.

    With years of combined experience in a variety of fields, a real passion for the music we promote and the drive and work ethic to succeed, IMPERATIVE PR can provide you with the launchpad you need to get your band noticed and your music heard.

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    Russia's Conflict release new promo video

    Imperative PR are honoured to be working with Russian industrial metal band Conflict, to promote the launch of their stunning video for the track ‘Mechanisms Of Life’ – taken from their overwhelming second full length album, Transform Into A Human. The ‘Mechanisms Of Life’ video presents a chilling vision of a dark, dystopian future, while the song itself challenges the very concepts of humanity, intelligence and life itself...

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    Kevin Lawry to release solo album

    Imperative PR are pleased to welcome Kevin Lawry to the roster, for the promotion of his solo album The Shadows Stole The Dawn. We have worked with Kevin before, under the guise of his band Crowned In Earth, so we’re thrilled to have him back at this pivotal moment in his career. Kevin has decided that the time is right for an album that allows his creativity and personality to shine through, in their purest, unadulterated form...

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    Meat Train join Imperative Management

    We are delighted to announce that Meat Train have signed with Imperative Management. The band were formed in 2011 by Chas Fenoughty (ex-Thus Defiled) and Mike Pearson (ex-Winter Of Torment) and named for the classic Clive Barker short story, The Midnight Meat Train. The story tells of butchery and dark terror on the New York subway and the two guitarists set about crafting music just as brutal, bloody and terrifying as Barker’s macabre vision...

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    Frozen Ocean release A Faded Missive Therefrom

    Earlier this year Frozen Ocean conducted a very successful campaign on Groupees.com, selling exclusive packages of digital material and previously unheard songs were unveiled as the pledges of support increased. Four of these tracks will never be available in digital format again...however Vaarwel – the creative force of Frozen Ocean – has decided to allow an extremely limited physical release of this material, drawn together on an EP called A Faded Missive Therefrom...

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    Solitary to play sold out Hammerfest

    We’re thrilled to be able to announce that thrash metal warriors Solitary will be appearing at the '17 edition of Hammerfest. The event is already completely sold out – not surprising with a line-up that sees Solitary teaming up with the likes of Hammerfall, Napalm Death, Armored Saint, Destruction and Grand Magus. Solitary have a prime slot at 9pm on the Friday night and will be taking the opportunity to unveil some skull crushing new material alongside a host of fan favourites.

  • Formicarius support Negura Bunget on only UK date

    We’re proud to announce a prestigious London appearance for Imperative artists, Formicarius on October 22nd at The Boston Music Room in London’s Tufnell Park, alongside Romanian masters of musical magic, Negura Bunget and Canadian invokers of darkness Ossific. This show is the ONLY UK date on Negura Bunget’s 20th Anniversary European Tour. Presented by Arcane Productions and sponsored by Zero Tolerance Magazine, this promises to be a very special night indeed.

  • Frozen Ocean reveal a voyage through time...

    Frozen Ocean unleash more than a decade’s worth of innovative, captivating, disparate music, all available to listeners for less than the price of a single CD. There are also small amounts of limited edition merchandise and ultra rare items like the hand numbered Norse compilation tapes available as part of some of the incredible bundles on offer here. There are also secret, locked items – unreleased music – that will become available as more people get involved with the campaign. This is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the glorious history of Frozen Ocean...

  • ThrOes to release this Viper Womb

    We are proud to announce the start of a working relationship with Tasmanian band ThrOes – the world’s sole purveyors of Dissident Metal. The band have no peers, they identify with no scene or genre – they simply deliver some of the most incredibly potent and fearsome extreme metal you will ever hear. ThrOes’ debut album, This Viper Womb, is about to descend and nothing will ever be quite the same again...

  • Thus Defiled prepare to release An Unhallowed Legacy

    We are pleased to be able to announce that Thus Defiled have heeded the plaintive howling of their diehard fans! As well as unleashing their two celebrated EPs, A Darker Beauty and Fire Serpent Dawn, in digital form, the band have unveiled something very special for those who demand more through unholy ritual and blood sacrifice. All the newly remastered tracks from both EPs will be brought together in one incredible package...

  • The Drowning prepare to release Senescent Signs

    We are delighted to announce the imminent release of the new album from The Drowning. After five long years of silence, the band have returned with easily the most magnificent album of their career – Senescent Signs. All the gravitas and power of their past albums remains, but the atmosphere of sadness, the aching grief and waves of melancholy sweep the listener away like never before. New vocalist Matt Small has stepped into the void left by longstanding front man James Moore, bringing an unprecedented edge of raw emotion to The Drowning’s sombre sound...

  • De Profundis & Scarab: Kingdom Of Serpents tour

    De Profundis are about to hit the road again, co-headlining a UK tour with Egyptian death metallers Scarab. Arranged by Concept Music Group and named the Kingdom Of Serpents tour, the five date, Zero Tolerance Magazine sponsored trek will see the two metal behemoths descending upon Plymouth, Leicester, London, Brighton and Selby – to take part in the Warhorns Festival...

  • Smothered Bowels begin fundraising for movie

    Imperative PR cautiously welcome Russian grindcore maniacs Smothered Bowels to the roster, to help them promote their current fundraising campaign. The band have been filming a mini feature film, to accompany their violent slasher track ‘U.S.Butcher’. All was progressing well...until the film’s anti-hero, the Butcher himself, stepped from the screen and into the real world – and the carnage began in earnest. The band are convinced if they can finish the filming then the Butcher will be returned to the realms of dark fantasy and our world will be saved...

  • Forged In Black join Imperative PR for new EP

    Imperative PR would like to welcome to our roster the metal warriors of Forged In Black, for the promotion of their steel-plated new EP, Fear Reflecting Fear. The EP was recorded with producer Chris Tsangarides, whose CV reads like a who’s who of heavy rock/metal. The man responsible for the sound on classic albums from Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Exodus, Overkill, Girlschool, Anvil and so many more has really brought the best out of Forged In Black...

  • Thus Defiled join Imperative PR for 3 EPs

    Imperative PR are honoured to welcome to our roster the UK black metal underground legends, Thus Defiled. The band that took up the faltering flame of British black metal in the early ‘90s and set new standards for darkness, depravity and desolation have awoken from their slumber. Over the course of 2016 the band will be officially releasing their two classic EPs plus a new release featuring Mike Browning of Morbid Angel / Nocturnus

  • Nemost join Imperative PR

    Imperative PR are pleased to announce that we will be working with French melodic death metal band Nemost, to help promote their new promo video for the track ‘Beasts And Bullies’ – taken from their acclaimed album As The Ocean Burns. The band have made dramatic strides since the release of As The Ocean Burns, touring Europe with Diabolical and Facebreaker, playing a prestigious Paris show with Leprous and receiving an enviable amount of praise from the worldwide metal press...READ MORE »

  • My Silent Wake line up 2 major shows in London

    We’re proud to announce two prestigious London appearances for Imperative artists, My Silent Wake. On March 26th the band will be taking to the stage of The Dome in Tufnell Park as part of the sixth edition of the Doom Over London Fest. My Silent Wake will be playing alongside headliners Moonspell and special guests Hooded Menace and Officium Triste. Then, on April 16th, My Silent Wake will be at the Boston Music Room in Tufnell Park where they will be joining The Vision Bleak and Saturnus for a truly momentous night of doom and dark reflection... READ MORE »

  • Akem Manah release Demons Of The Sabbat

    Imperative PR are delighted to welcome to our roster Possession Productions artists, Akem Manah. We will be working alongside Possession Productions on the re-release of Akem Manah’s monumental third album, Demons Of The Sabbat. The album originally crept out as a self release in the summer of 2014, but Possession recognised its true value and are determined to bring it to the attention of the wider metal world with this re-release. Featuring ex-White Zombie drummer Ivan De Prume and ex-Nile bassist Chris Lollis...

  • The Drowning join Imperative Management

    We’re very pleased to welcome to our management roster the Welsh kings of dark, doom/death metal – The Drowning. With albums like This Bleak Descent and the monumental Fall Jerusalem Fall The Drowning have carved out a reputation for themselves as one of the most formidable talents in the doom/death genre. This year though, The Drowning are set to raise the bar to unprecedented heights, as they prepare to unveil their powerful and emotive new album Senescent Signs. READ MORE »

  • Neverworld prepare to release Dreamsnatcher

    Imperative PR are thrilled to announce the return of Neverworld to our roster, for the promotion of their stunning second album, Dreamsnatcher. Neverworld and Imperative PR worked together on the band’s debut album, Visions Of Another World, back in 2014 and both camps are excited to have this winning team back together again. Speaking about the new deal, Neverworld guitarist Ben Colton said they were “Delighted to announce that Neverworld are about to re-sign with Imperative PR! They're a great team with metal hearts so this is a match made in Hell!” READ MORE »

  • Goatpsalm prepare to release Downstream

    Imperative PR welcome to our roster the enigmatic Goatpsalm, for their otherworldly new album, Downstream. The arcane entity that is Goatpsalm came into being in 2009 and since then has released two albums of bewitching and sinister sounds. After the release of their second album, Erset La Tari, which delved into the black beliefs, lore and legend of Babylon and Mesopotamia... READ MORE »

  • Formicarius join Imperative Management

    Imperative PR are delighted to welcome Formicarius to our management roster. The Formicarius name may be new, but the pedigree of the musicians involved is unquestionable and we confidently predict that they will become one of the most talked about names in the UK black metal underground over the course of 2016. Drawing upon their collective experience with the likes of DE PROFUNDIS, PREMATURE BIRTH and PHYREXIA the members of FORMICARIUS have come together to create a black metal entity of staggering prowess and unrestrained ambition. READ MORE »

  • My Silent Wake prepare to release new album

    Having taken great strides last year with the release of their most powerful album to date – Damnatio Memoriae – My Silent Wake decided it was time to take a glance back over their collective shoulders and reflect on their ten years as a band. What better way to celebrate that journey of music, friendships, critical acclaim and never-ending hard work than with a compilation of their finest work? A compilation that includes material from their fourth ever gig, from vinyl only releases, from classic albums, fan favourites and band favourites, all freshly remastered – not to mention a new and exclusive song. READ MORE »

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