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    About Imperative PR:

    Welcome to IMPERATIVE PR - a UK based music pr and management specialist - and your gateway to relevant music media outlets and labels the world over.
    With years of combined experience in a variety of fields, a real passion for the music we promote and the drive and work ethic to succeed, IMPERATIVE PR can provide you with the launchpad you need to get your band noticed and your music heard.
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  • Formicarius tour

    Formicarius join De Profundis as special guests on their UK tour

    April 30, 2018

    We are delighted to announce that fearsome black metal troupe Formicarius will be joining the masters of dark, death metal, De Profundis on their summer 2018 UK Tour. Formicarius will be very special guests on all De Profundis’ UK headline dates by arrangement with Artery Global and in association with Zero Tolerance Magazine...

  • Dominia London

    MSH Music Group present Dominia live in London

    April 23, 2018

    Imperative PR are pleased to be part of the team promoting a very special gig that will take place at The Lounge, on London’s Archway Road, on June 15th. In conjunction with Rock Solid Promotions, MSH Music Group are bringing Russian masters of darkness, Dominia to the UK for the very first time with support from Raised By Owls, Cadaver Soiree, Sphinx and Parabyss..

  • De Profundis Tour

    De Profundis prepare for UK tour and Bloodstock

    April 17, 2018

    De Profundis announce their first leg of touring in support of The Blinding Light Of Faith. Today we can reveal the details of a six date headlining UK tour, by arrangement with Artery Global and in association with Zero Tolerance Magazine, taking in Manchester, Glasgow, Ipswich, Plymouth and London – as well as an appearance at the mighty Bloodstock Open Air festival with Judas Priest and Emperor...

  • Posthuman Abomination

    Posthuman Abomination prepare to release Transcending Embodiment

    April 17, 2018

    Imperative PR are proud to welcome to the roster a new superpower in the world of brutal death metal. Bringing together current and ex-members of Devangelic, Fecal God, Natrium, Modus Deliciti, Pit of Toxic Slime and Vomit The Soul, Posthuman Abomination is an alliance of seasoned campaigners...

  • De Profundis

    Infected Syren - Sick promo video

    April 03, 2018

    Imperative PR are delighted to be working with the Cypriot high-energy explosion Infected Syren – a Molotov cocktail of metal, punk and madness! We will be helping the band to take their epic new video for the track ‘Sick’ to every corner of the metal world. ...

  • De Profundis

    Consecration join Imperative Management

    March 29, 2018

    Imperative PR are delighted to announce that Norwich based black wizards of dread, doom and death, Consecration, have joined our management roster. Every band managed by Imperative possesses unique character and quality and Consecration bring something cold, haunting and utterly crushing. They bring music from beyond the black of night, from beyond the deepest shadows...

  • De Profundis

    De Profundis - The Blinding Light Of Faith: A Visual Realisation

    March 27, 2018

    The doors have been closed on their first decade and now a new age beckons for De Profundis – a new age of darkness, rage and war! Over the course of the year De Profundis will be releasing a video for every single track from The Blinding Light Of Faith and together these visual interpretations will form a stunning, interlinked depiction of the powerful themes of the album...

  • Therion

    Frozen Ocean join Therion compilation album Blood Of The Dragon

    March 09, 2018

    Landing on March 15th through Stygian Crypt Productions, Blood Of The Dragon is a sprawling double album. Disc one features rare cover versions recorded by Therion and the second disc of this collection features sixteen bands offering up their own, original versions of classic Therion tracks. Amongst the sixteen bands you will find Frozen Ocean...

  • Aborted Fetus

    Aborted Fetus prepare to release The Ancient Spirits Of Decay

    March 06, 2018

    From the Ural Mountains we bring you cold, unstoppable power! A beast is awake and advancing from its snow shrouded lair upon an unsuspecting world. Aborted Fetus have returned from beyond the ice and bring with them The Ancient Spirits Of Decay - released through Comatose Music on May 11th, this album will bathe the world in blood...

  • Dreamfire

    Dreamfire sign to Minotauro Records for a remastered version of Atlantean Symphony

    March 03, 2018

    We are thrilled to be able to announce that Dreamfire have signed with Minotauro Records. The first Dreamfire release from Minotauro will be a new edition of Atlantean Symphony, completely remastered, with stunning new artwork and booklet design and two bonus tracks...

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    Flesh Hoarder prepare to release Homicidal Necrophile

    February 26, 2018

    And so we screw our courage to the sticking place and open our doors to the ravenous beasts of Flesh Hoarder; a band so steeped in brutality and addicted to the rabid rush of total destruction that they only find welcome in the blackest of pits, the darkest of hearts...


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