Body Harvest | Live Booking:

Body Harvest have carved out a bloody niche for themselves in the UK death metal scene with the brilliance of their song writing and the absolute firestorm they unleash on stage when presenting their malevolent masterpieces. The twin guitars and vocals of Jake Ettle-Iles and Gareth Nash are the spearhead of the Body Harvest live assault, while behind them the towering presence of bassist Dan Shaw Odell and the heavy artillery drum barrage of Will Pearson adopt a scorched earth policy of rhythmic bottom end. Since Body Harvest were first in a position to play live they have performed with the very best, the elite of extreme music and never been found wanting. They first announced themselves to fans with a show alongside Exhumed and Anaal Nathrakh and have never looked back since. They have toured the UK with Mass Infection and Hideous Divinity and played memorable shows with the likes of Vital Remains, Aeon, Ingested, Hour Of Penance, Cerebral Bore, Aura Noir and Gorguts, leaving a bloody impression on every crowd.

As well as their extensive experience supporting extreme metal’s finest and touring in their own right, Body Harvest have been invited to perform on some of the biggest and best festivals on the UK scene. In 2016 they played at Snuff Fest III with Extreme Noise Terror and Desecration. In 2017 they appeared at the Bristol Deathfest with luminaries like Vader, Immolation and Nader Sadek and then in 2018 they appeared at the magnificent Bloodstock Open Air with Judas Priest, Cannibal Corpse and Emperor.

2019 is already shaping up to be a huge year for Body Harvest as they have now signed to premier US death metal label Comatose Music, for the release of their second album Parasitic Slavery. There’s no break from live appearances either as on May 10th the band will be heading to London to perform as special guests to Belgian death metal legends Carnation – and they’re hungry for more!

Body Harvest are fast building a reputation as one of the fiercest, most intense death metal bands on the live circuit. They ask for no favours and give no quarter, destroying without mercy with their complex and corrosive full frontal assault. They leave audiences breathless and broken...and begging for more.

“Loud, intense, hard and fast...”

“These local boys from Bristol killed it and I definitely recommend everyone not to miss them.”

“...slamming, grinding, and grooving about with a perfect amount of aggression.”

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