Consecration | Live Booking:

Since they first clawed their way out of the shadows back in 2010 Consecration have been creating some of the darkest, heaviest, most chilling and atmospheric doom/death metal around. Both their first EP, Gut The Priest and debut full length album Ephemerality are woven from sounds that will haunt your dreams and crush your soul. So breathtakingly affecting is their music that they have been invited to play on an incredibly diverse range of bills, where the only common denominators are the need for enthralling atmosphere and powerful delivery. Consecration have cast their dark spells with psychedelic rockers Leafhound, funeral doom masters Esoteric, devotees of a bygone age Old Corpse Road and even black metal warlords Eastern Front. There is no audience that Consecration cannot beguile and bludgeon in equal measure with their chilling arcane enchantments.

As well as appearing on these top quality bills from across the metal spectrum, Consecration are accustomed to playing at festivals, from the heaviest underground assemblies, to more mainstream affairs, awash with big name acts. In 2017 they appeared at the Disciples Of Extremity All-Dayer with the likes of Reign Of Erebus and Wretched Soul, while in 2015 they appeared at the world famous Desertfest in Camden alongside legends of stoner and doom metal including Sleep, Orange Goblin, Red Fang, EyeHateGod and Acid King.

While writing for their second full length album in 2018 Consecration played shows with Vallenfyre, Godthrymm, The Drowning, De Profundis and Formicarius and also appeared at Riffmass 2018 with Telepathy and My Silent Wake as well as Deadsoul Winterfest alongside Alunah and Elderseer.

With the band now signed to Solitude Productions and their second album, Fragilium, due for a June 28th release, Consecration have lined up a return to the capital with Godthrymm and Elderseer in July. A Nottingham show with Battalions will round off the summer and further dates are in the process of being arranged.

...crushing riffage and grim, venomous growls.

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