Final Coil | Live Booking:

Final Coil’s Persistence Of Memory was one of the most remarkable albums of 2017. Beneath its evocative cover artwork was a collection of songs that harboured strength, power, depth and emotion; each one exquisitely crafted and performed with stunning skill and fierce passion. Persistence Of Memory is a thing of rare and lasting beauty in this world of trends and transience. As a live band, Final Coil are able to bring all that breathtaking magic to the stage and infuse it with an additional fire and immediacy. Whilst their music can be both reflective and progressive, it can also possess a drive and intensity that has allowed the band to successfully share the stage with some of the UK’s heaviest underground propositions. They have stunned crowds as part of the MOSH AGAINST CANCER festival, on a bill that featured the thrash legends VIRUS and the grind gods BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS, yet also performed a special acoustic set at the inaugural UPRISING festival, which was headlined by MOTÖRHEAD man PHIL CAMPBELL, along with CONAN, HELL and ACID REIGN.

Final Coil have also made their way through to the final of the intensely competitive METAL 2 THE MASSES competition and are stalwarts of the UK scene, playing shows with everyone from FURY to DAKESIS to FIREGARDEN. Wherever they go, whomever they play with, be it at a festival or in a club, Final Coil always impress. They play every show as if it were their last and no-one who witnesses one of their passionate performances remains unmoved.

“...Their set was absolutely the highlight of the night...their music was impeccably played from start to could tell they just put their all into it...”

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