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Formicarius - Live Booking

Formicarius’ combination of skilful musicianship, absorbing atmosphere, unforgettable melody and sheer, devastating power is tailor made for the stage. Fearsome songs like their very first single ‘Lake Of The Dead’ take on additional gravitas and grandeur in the live arena and all who witness the band are left hungry for more. Since their arrival on the UK black metal scene in 2014 the band’s stock has risen at a formidable rate, especially since their signing to German label, Schwarzdorn Production.

In 2019 Formicarius released their second album for Schwarzdorn – Rending the Veil Of Flesh. Featuring the drumming of Benighted’s Kevin Paradis and guest appearances from Rotting Christ’s Sakis Tolis and Aklash’s Nicholas Miller, Rending The Veil Of Flesh is a truly mesmerising invocation of darkness. Both Rending The Veil Of Flesh and its predecessor, Black Mass Ritual have burned their way into the hearts of music critics worldwide.

“...as close to a virtuoso black metal record as I’ve heard ...”
– Zero Tolerance Magazine

“...a brand of black metal that is as unyielding as it is exquisite.”
– Distorted Sound Magazine

“...this is truly majestic...”
– Ave Noctum

“Formicarius entered the Dimmu Borgir-famous Parlour Studios and showed us what is possible in symphonic black metal.”
– Eternal Terror

“...this is the most original UKBM record I’ve heard this year.”
– The Independent Voice

“...this release cannot come highly recommended enough...”
– Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine

“...elaborate arpeggios and otherworldly piano compositions...”
– Metal Invader

“...they have defined a style that takes up the concept of the most symphonic Black metal...”
– Necromance Digital Magazine

“...amazingly good!”
– Eternity Magazin

Formicarius’ dramatic music is never more powerful than when performed live, with each musician thriving on the stage, adding a wicked vitality to their dark hymns.

Previously the band have performed with the likes of Ancient Ascendant, Hate, Negura Bunget, Noctem, Tengger Cavalry, De Profundis, The Infernal Sea, Asagraum, Aklash and more.

They have also appeared at festivals such as:
Warhorns Winterfest – with The Great Old Ones and Darkher
The Black Advent – with Ekpyrosis
Dark Clouds Over Camden – with Hecate Enthroned
Northern Symphony Festival – with Old Corpse Road
Easter Abomination – with Iniquitous Savagery

Formicarius’ live shows simply get better and better, more and more intense as the review attest...

“...energy, professionalism and power...”
– Zero Tolerance Magazine

“...tautly cohesive and entrancing.”
– Dark Matter Webzine

“A fantastic band...”
– Metal Rules

“...a formidable force on stage.”
– Musipedia Of Metal

“...a blaze of sonic fury.”
– The Midlands Rocks

Formicarius capture fresh souls every time they perform, weaving their mesmerising evil spells.

Genre: Black Metal
For fans of: Emperor | Cradle Of Filth | Dimmu Borgir


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