Formicarius | Live Booking:

Although they are a new name upon the black metal scene, Formicarius are already building a reputation for themselves as a wickedly intense live proposition. Their combination of skilful musicianship, absorbing atmosphere, unforgettable melody and sheer, devastating power is tailor made for the stage. Fearsome songs like first single ‘Lake Of The Dead’ take on additional gravitas and grandeur in the live arena and all who witness the band are left hungry for more.

Over the course of 2016 Formicarius appeared alongside the likes of ANCIENT ASCENDANT, played the EASTER ABOMINATION in Bristol with INIQUITOUS SAVAGERY and the NORTHERN SYMPHONY FESTIVAL 2016 in Selby, adding their infernal magic to a bill headlined by OLD CORPSE ROAD. As the end of the year drew nigh they performed, with incredible intensity, at one of the best black metal shows London had seen all year, with HATE and NOCTEM – and most prestigious of all, they were invited to open NEGURA BUNGET’s one and only UK show of the year.

Taking a break from preparations for their second album, in the heat of the summer of 2018, Formicarius hit the road with management stable mates, DE PROFUNDIS, as special guests on the dark death metal masters’ Blinding Light Of Faith UK Tour. Many a fresh soul was ensnared as Formicarius travelled from Scotland right down to the south coast of England, weaving their evil spells.

Sinister plans are already afoot – look for more live devilment soon.

“...possessing all the grandeur and gothic magic of Cradle Of Filth at their best...”

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