Maxdmyz | Live Booking:

Maxdmyz know no boundaries when it comes to song writing and that same principle applies when it comes to their live shows. Every Maxdmyz live show is a true event and one that those in attendance don’t soon forget. Front man Twister commands every stage he steps foot upon, his powerful voice holding audiences in his thrall from the first note to the last. That voice is just one element of a live assault that becomes an overwhelming wall of noise – in the very best sense of the term! Drummer Jamie is one of the most powerful and technically skilled rhythm machines you’ll ever see and in fact every member of Maxdmyz is a one man show in their own right.

Over their lengthy career the band have played a number of prestigious venues, including the Torture Garden in New York, and have enhanced their reputation with every punishing performance. In 2017 however, they are about to take things to a whole new level. With their new EP, Alchemical Metal, the band have completely reinterpreted who they are and what they can achieve, in the studio and on the stage. By drawing deep on every resource, on every ounce of their creativity and ability, the band have shed every previous attempt to define their essence – they have created Alchemical Metal and become Alchemical Metal. Maxdmyz are a cataclysmic collision of sorcery and science, an electric fusion of man and machine, a wild ride through musical possibilities that eliminates and entertains with perfect synchronicity.

The band are already booked in a prime slot at Renaissance 7, London’s premier alternative music festival on April 23rd and this show will be a special launch show for Alchemical Metal – and a springboard into a year where they will take on all-comers and win. With their matchless, exhilarating live intensity Maxdmyz are about to shock the world into taking notice.

“...once you start watching you don’t stop...”

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