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It began in 2010...a dark night in the east of England, a meeting of darker minds. A group of men drawn together by a shared desire to make music that would take them beyond the threshold of their collective black imaginations; a need to spin their bleakest dreams into threads of sound so heavy they would crush the soul...

On that night Consecration were born, the first steps of their journey into the shadow lands taken. The musical talents of the five members blended swiftly into a dark elixir of sound and within four months they were ready to enter Tides Reach Studio to record their first EP. Gut The Priest instantly made its mark, finding recognition at Zero Tolerance Magazine and, while Doomantia revelled in the ‘sinister riffing’ and ‘gloomy atmosphere’. Consecration’s insidious presence began to spread and prestigious support slots followed, with the band travelling to London to play with Leafhound and to Birmingham to share the stage with Esoteric. And all the time the band continued to write, to work on new material, recording demos and stretching their pitch black wings, bringing haunted atmosphere and unforgettable, unnerving melodies to their sound.

By November 2013 Consecration were ready to record their debut full length album and headed to HVR studios, where they would spend the next three months conjuring into life Ephemerality. Ephemerality was a huge step forward for the band, their sonic alchemy having grown ever more potent since that first pact was signed. Thunderous death metal and heart crushing doom crash together in eldritch waves, lit by the cold starlight of aching melody and the black flames of nightmarish atmosphere. UKEM Records recognised the sombre majesty of Ephemerality, signing Consecration and releasing the album in December of 2014. Legions of great reviews followed and the band found themselves performing at Desertfest in Camden, with the likes of Sleep, Orange Goblin and Angel Witch. Other shows followed with Ethereal, Eastern Front, Old Corpse Road and Reign Of Erebus...the Consecration horror train was rolling.

In February of this year the band started working on demos for their second album, Fragilium. It was immediately apparent that these songs were turning into something very special indeed, with every passage imbued with an intoxicating dark magic. It was decided that the time had come to seek an alliance; one that could lift Consecration to the next level, one that could make sure the incredible songs that make up Fragilium would be heard by every despairing soul around the world. Consecration reached out and found Imperative PR – and now a new era has begun.

“...ominous, oppressive and bleak...”

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: Novembers Doom | Evoken | My Dying Bride

Daniel Bollans – Vocals
Shane Amies – Bass
Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jordan Grant – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo – Drums and Percussion


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