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Maxdmyz were born in an explosion of colour, creativity and defiant free-thinking in the late ‘90s, taking influence and inspiration from wherever they pleased. This exciting, barrier breaking attitude to music making is something they’ve carried with them ever since. Taking a core of powerful metal they twist and sculpt, graft and adorn, transform it into unique and fiery forms.

At the heart of the Maxdmyz sound is vocalist and founder member Twister – a formidable, constant presence with a voice that can convey every emotion that the eclectic music demands. Many others have fought beneath the Maxdmyz standard over the years, contributing their talents to the ever-changing sound, but Twister has remained steadfast, a guiding hand upon the tiller. The current ensemble of gifted musicians that have pledged themselves to the Maxdmyz cause is perhaps the most potent in the band’s history, featuring innovative, powerhouse drummer Jamie, A’Zedd – a bassist whose skills incorporate a vast range styles, ingenious keyboard manipulator Vortex and the recently recruited, monstrously heavy guitarist, Roger.

The new Maxdmyz release, Alchemical Metal, due to hit the streets in mid April 2017, takes everything to a new level for the band; it transforms them, redefines them whilst destroying any other attempt at definition. Maxdmyz are Alchemical Metal. In a world where no existing label was adequate they have created their own. This is the collision of science and sorcery, the fusing of soul and steel, the transmutation of base metal into gold.

The EP has been preceded by a video, a magnificent dystopian vision of our inevitable future, that accompanies the jackhammer power of single ‘All To Hell’, which opens a doorway into the electrifying world of Alchemical Metal. This year it’s time to step across the threshold and surf the waves of colour and magic, to ride on the razor’s edge with the sonic rebels of’s a journey you’ll never forget.

“ immense wall of sound...”
Planet Mosh

Genre: Alchemical Metal
For fans of: Rammstein | Ministry | White Zombie | |Sisters Of Mercy

Twister – Vocals/FX
A’Zedd - Bass
Roger – Guitar/FX/Programming
Jamie – Drums/FX/Programming
Vortex – Keys/Programming


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