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The Drowning’s story began back in 2003, with their first release coming some two years later – the Withered EP. However it was with their second full length album, This Bleak Descent, which emerged in 2008, that the band really started to find their identity. Zero Tolerance Magazine described the album as a “majestic collision of Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower and My Dying Bride”, but in truth this was the sound of a band finding their own way and forging their own powerful, inventive sound.

From the release of This Bleak Descent The Drowning never looked back; growing in confidence, growing in ability, ever more assured of their validity and talent. A magical split album with fellow doom/death stalwarts My Silent Wake followed and in 2011 the momentous Fall Jerusalem Fall was unveiled. The departure of vocalist James Moore at this pivotal point in The Drowning’s career might have been enough to derail some bands, but the Welshmen simply brought on board Matt Small and powered onwards.

Now, in 2016, The Drowning are about to unleash their most formidable album to date – Senescent Signs. This incredibly evocative album marries deep vocals, raw with emotion to guitar melodies that sing beautiful, heartfelt laments. The songs radiate an atmosphere of world weary sadness, but beneath this shroud are riffs that kick hard, stunning, memorable hooks and searing solos. The sheer depth and quality of the song writing is breathtaking and tracks like ‘Betrayed By God’, ‘At One With The Dead’ and ‘Dawn Of Sorrow’, once heard, are impossible to forget.

Senescent Signs is an album that demands The Drowning be recognised as the masters of their art that they so truly are and the excellent reviews have confirmed this; flooding in from the likes of ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE 5/6, SOUNDSCAPE MAGAZINE 9/10, LEGACY (15/16), XXL-ROCK (6/7), HAMMERWORLD (8/10), MIDLANDS METALHEADS 4/5, INTRAVENOUS MAGAZINE, THIRD EYE CINEMA, LORDS OF METAL, NO CLEAN SINGING and many more. Meanwhile major press interviews have seen the band grace the pages of some of the world’s most prestigious metal publications such as LEGACY and ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE.

This year The Drowning will be heard by more people than ever before - and more people than ever before will be captured by their dark and towering sound.

“...staggeringly heavy riffs...overwhelming sense of sadness and despair...augmented by some truly beautiful new dimensions.”

Genre: Doom/Death/Dark Metal
For fans of: Paradise Lost | Saturnus | The Vision Bleak | Katatonia

Matt Small – Vocal
Mike Hitchen – Guitar
Jason Hodges- Guitar
Steve Hart – Drums
Richard Moore – Bass


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