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Meat Train join Imperative Management

September 21, 2016

We are delighted to announce that Meat Train have signed with Imperative Management. The band were formed in 2011 by Chas Fenoughty (ex-Thus Defiled) and Mike Pearson (ex-Winter Of Torment) and named for the classic Clive Barker short story, The Midnight Meat Train. The story tells of butchery and dark terror on the New York subway and the two guitarists set about crafting music just as brutal, bloody and terrifying as Barker’s macabre vision.

Their earliest ideas were realised on the debut album, Flesh Made Man, which found favour with some of the biggest names in the metal press – Terrorizer magazine labelling it “death metal that will make you feel sick to your stomach” – but Meat Train themselves knew that the album fell short of their potential. They recruited a powerhouse rhythm section in bassist Iki Dredgewood and drummer Stuart Songhurst(ex-Thus Defiled) and at last the Meat Train was ready to roll in earnest. Old songs were transformed and new material was a blood chilling revelation.

The band have already toured as far afield as Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and headlined the notorious Nepal Deathfest, leaving stunned fans bruised and battered in their wake. Now, with Imperative Management on their side, Meat Train are ready to harvest more victims than ever for the Old Ones waiting in the darkness. The Meat Train thunders remorselessly through the night...and it’s coming your way.

“…death metal that will make you feel sick to your stomach…” – TERRORIZER MAGAZINE

Genre: Filthy death metal
For fans of: Autopsy | Grave | Desecration | Six Feet Under


Chas Fenoughty - Guitar
Iki Dredgewood - Bass
Mike Pearson – Guitar/Vocals
Stuart Songhurst - Drums