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Solitary to release The Diseased Heart of Society:

January 23, 2017

Solitary have long been renowned for their unflinching dedication to the cause of pure, undiluted thrash metal, but even their most ardent of supporters are going to be blown away on March 3rd. On that date the new full length album from the band will be unveiled by UKEM Records and it eclipses anything Solitary have released before; but more than that, The Diseased Heart Of Society threatens to overshadow anything released in the thrash metal genre in recent years. Of course that’s a substantial claim to make, but once you’ve heard the heart bursting intensity of ‘The Edge Of Violence’ and ‘Unidentified’, stared down the barrel of ‘Trigger Point Atrocity’, cowered beneath the soul searching gaze of ‘Anthem Of Regret’ and tasted the bitter poison of ‘Architects Of Shame’ then you’ll understand.

Utilising the skills of producer Simon Efemey (Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, Cancer, Crowbar etc) has given The Diseased Heart Of Society an unprecedented level of sonic firepower, the likes of which Solitary have never enjoyed before and artist Andy Pilkington (Flotsam And Jetsam etc) has housed the album in a sleeve to reflect the intensity of the rage within. With the backing of UKEM Records and Imperative Management Solitary have assembled the perfect team to drive this album straight into the hearts of thrash fans the world over.

To support the release of the album Solitary will be playing at Hammerfest, alongside Hammerfall and Destruction, igniting an evening of thrash havoc in London with Acid Reign and Shrapnel, playing headline shows in Scotland and mainland Europe and making further festival appearances which will be announced soon. Joining the band for all these shows and beyond will be new bassist Pete Hewitt.

Track Listing:

1.Blackened Skies
3.Trigger Point Atrocity
4.Anthem Of Regret
5.Architects Of Shame
6.The Diseased Heart Of Society
8.The Words Define
9.The Edge Of Violence
10.Humanity's Decline

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