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Basement Torture Killings to release There's Something About Beryl:

March 03, 2017

Imperative PR are pleased, if slightly disturbed, to be welcoming Basement Torture Killings to the roster, for the promotion of their frankly horrific third album, There’s Something About Beryl. What these deranged souls have conjured up is an album of dangerous, disturbing sickness; fantasies of murder and death drawn from a pitch black well of insane inspiration. What sets Basement Torture Killings apart in the murky world of gore grind and extreme death metal though, is not just the depths of their depravity. They deliver some of the most intense, addictive, perfectly constructed songs in the realms of ultra-extremity; making them stand out like a pile of burning corpses in a lightless sewer.

Each self-professed killer is as masterful with their instruments of sonic destruction as they are with their tools of dismemberment. Tarquin, a man known for his love of unfashionable knitwear and ladies tights, tears electrifying leads from the neck of his guitar as savagely as he tears the throats from his victims. Bassist and disgraced surgeon Dr. Krauss, along with enigmatic fiend and drummer extraordinaire Faceless Killer combine to form a rhythm section of frenzied bludgeoning and beating. And then there’s Beryl...as the album title notes, there is definitely something about Beryl. Something very wrong and downright frightening.

We live in dark times and nothing reflects that darkness quite like Basement Torture Killings.

Track Listing:

1 – On A Mountain Road
2 – There’s Something About Beryl
3 – The Story Of T
4 – The Rat Catcher
5 – The Taxi Driver
6 – Shit Carcass
7 – Necrophilied And Cannibalised
8 – The Butcher Of Smithfield
9 – Abduction Torture Snuff Porn
10 – Knives
11 – Herr Krauss, Arzt Des Todes

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