> London's Alchemical Metal exponents Maxdmyz get set to release new EP through Renegade Records
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Maxdmyz to release Alchemical Metal:

March 17, 2017

Imperative PR are proud to announce the incredible new EP from Maxdmyz Alchemical Metal. This most eclectic and adventurous of bands have never sounded more potent and powerful. This labyrinthine journey across the metal map fuses the industrial with the intuitive, the electronic with the emotional and entices one minute, crushing like a steam hammer the next. Vocalist and front man, Twister, leads the listener in a serpentine dance through dimly lit passages exuding threat, howling infernos of assured obliteration, drags you face down through the dirt and carries you to new heights on the wings of acid angels.

If your palette is jaded, your emotions numbed by the predictable and conformist, then Alchemical Metal will offer you a brand new ride, a screaming dive from steeple to crypt without a safety net through rapid fire, alternating explosions of vivid colour and choking darkness. Throw off the shackles and forget the left hand path, the right hand path or any other path...just leap into the unknown where every boundary is blurred and every rule exists only to be broken. Alchemical Metal is an EP, but its also a genre in its own right, a philosophy and a way of life. Its taking the base metals that the world has to offer and transforming them into something mysterious and magical..

From the stages of New York to the streets of London, through dreams, nightmares and emptiness, armed with blistering firepower but still hiding a bruised and battered heart under the armour. Maxdmyz are ready to go again, the alchemical metal circus is in town and youre all invited.

Track Listing:

1 All To Hell
2 Reason To Live
3 Ex Deo
4 Down In The Dirt

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