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Shadowflag to release The Delusion Machine:

May 15, 2017

We are honoured to announce that the dark poets of Shadowflag have chosen to work with Imperative PR on the release of their latest album, The Delusion Machine. Since their earliest beginnings Shadowflag have used storytelling and imagination to craft their own individual blend of the blackest of metals and The Delusion Machine represents their finest creative achievement to date.

For their 2013 debut, entitled simply Shadow Flag, the band built their album around the framework of an epic poem, enhancing the narrative with the fiercest of black metal and captivating soundscapes. The second Shadowflag album then appeared in 2015. Entitled The White Grave, it was inspired by the stories told by the abandoned and forgotten street children of the world. With The Delusion Machine Shadowflag explore the premise that humanity’s existence is essentially, terrifyingly empty and without purpose. Recorded at Hellfire Studios with the assistance of Ajeet Gill (Memoriam, Hellbastard, Sacrilege etc), the music of this incredible third album effortlessly matches that chilling lyrical concept, being more unnerving, frightening and yet more enticing and entrancing than ever before.

Shadowflag are one of the few bands in today’s overcrowded extreme music scene that possess a truly unique sound and character and once you have heard The Delusion Machine you’ll be addicted to their darkness.

Step from the light, into the night and discover a world of dreadful wonders. Let Shadowflag be your guides through the twilight realms and nothing will ever seem quite the same again.

Track Listing:

1 – 4010kHz
2 – The Beasts That Perish
3 – Within The Blood Dream
4 – Skyscraper
5 – Kingdom of Zero
6 – How To Achieve Smallness With Great Things
7 – The Brutality
8 – The Inevitability
9 – Singularity 45
10 – _

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