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Formicarius announce details of debut album:

May 19, 2017

The spells have been cast, the planets have aligned and the date has been set! On July 21st, Schwarzdorn Production will unleash Black Mass Ritual, the full length debut album from the corpsepainted fiends of Formicarius.

Along with the hugely popular single, ‘Lake Of The Dead’, which featured on the Sony/Music For Nations compilation album, Speed Kills VII and is now near to selling out its second pressing, the album contains seven other magnificent, malignant incantations. Some, like the epic and dramatic ‘A Requiem For The Bloodborn’ and the fiercely feral ‘May The Rats Eat Your Eyes’ have already bewitched audiences in the live arena; performed as Formicarius summoned storms alongside the likes of Negura Bunget, Hate and Noctem. Others have never been heard outside of the band’s inner circle. Together these songs form one of the most potent and poisonous black metal albums to ever be invoked on English soil.

The cover art for this masterpiece of malice was created by renowned artist Gary Ronaldson – a man who has created visions of horror for the likes of Napalm Death, Benighted, Misery Index and Kreator. For Black Mass Ritual he has truly outdone himself, with the artist himself recognising the tableau of torment as one of the most challenging pieces of his career.

Soon your invitation to the Black Mass Ritual will be issued. Stay awake...stay alert...watch the shadows, because the night draws in and it’s darker than you think. Be ready to pledge your soul to the flag of Formicarius.

The wait is almost over - and with the power of Schwarzdorn Production behind them, Formicarius are set to unleash hell on the metal world!

Track Listing:

1. Lake Of The Dead
2. Overlord
3. May The Rats Eat Your Eyes
4. Under Darkness
5. Where The Gods Go To Die
6. Abhorrent Feast Of Minds
7. A Requiem For The Bloodborn
8. Master Of Past And Present

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