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Final Coil prepare to release Persistence Of Memory

May 24, 2017

We are thrilled to be able to announce that Imperative PR will be working with progressive metal visionaries Final Coil, on the promotion of their debut full length album, Persistence Of Memory.

Final Coil have transformed themselves over the course of three preceding EPs, Live With Doubt, Somnambulant and Closed To The Light, developing into a band of superlative class and skill. In these days of disposable culture, where it’s always time to move on to the next thing and the value of anything and everything is fleeting, it’s a beautiful moment to find an album that stops you in your tracks, reminding you that things of depth and worth can still be found in this world. Persistence Of Memory is the perfect example of such an album; where every element has been carefully crafted, every detail attended to. From the sensitive mastering by Cult Of Luna’s Magnus Lindberg to the enthralling cover art, created by Andy Pilkington (Flotsam And Jetsam), Persistence Of Memory is a remarkable achievement.

The songs themselves that make up this stunning album are formed of dense, rich riffs, driven forward by pulsing rhythms as beautiful vocal harmonies speak to the heart and the mind of the listener. Fluid guitar leads dance across muscular song structures, painting the liquid steel of the songs in an explosion of colour and emotion. Metallic strength and power is transformed through progressive musicianship, but emotive melodies unlock the songs, opening their doors to all.

Persistence Of Memory will be released by Worm Hole Death Records – digitally, on June 23rd in Europe and June 14th in the US, with a physical release to follow in late September.

Track Listing:

1 – Corruption
2 – Dying
3 – Alone
4 – You Waste My Time
5 – Myopic
6 – Failed Light
7 – Spider Feet
8 – Lost Hope
9 – Moths To The Flame
10 – In Silent Reproach
11 - Alienation

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