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Wolvenguard prepare to release Elemental Reclamation:

May 25, 2017

Today we are delighted to welcome to the Imperative ranks the warriors of Wolvenguard, for the promotion of their magnificent debut EP, Elemental Reclamation. Wolvenguard came into being beneath the intense glare of the Texas sun, but they have created music that will call out a summoning to metalheads from around the globe.

While Elemental Reclamation is Wolvenguard’s debut, the members of the band are all experienced campaigners, having honed their skills with some of Texas’ leading extreme metal outfits, including symphonic black metal kings Vesperian Sorrow, death/thrash savages Cerebral Desecration and morose doom lords In Oblivion. All their individual experience, all their passion for metal has been poured into the creation of the three songs that make up Elemental Reclamation. These songs connect to the essence of metal, to the spirit that connects fans of every allegiance within the extreme metal spectrum. They call out to the long gone days when myth and magic mixed with blood and honour and cries to ancient gods were heard above the clash of steel on steel.

Immaculately mixed and mastered by J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm), with their vital vibrancy, soul stirring melodies and rush of sheer, unadulterated power, these songs offer an escape from mundanity and triviality, a gateway to greatness. Previously only available as a digital download, fan demand has seen Elemental Reclamation given the physical release it clearly merits.

Together, the members of Wolvenguard have created something special that will leave metal fans crying out for more, hungry for the full album which will soon follow in the footsteps of Elemental Reclamation. Draw your sword and prepare to march, beneath the banner of Wolvenguard!

Track Listing:

1 – Elemental Reclamation
2 – Formless Aeons
3 – Vangrimst

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