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Tele.S.Therion prepare to release Luzifers Abschied:

June 19, 2017

We are deeply honoured to be able to announce that Imperative PR will be working alongside Minotauro Records, to provide promotional support for the release of the latest incredible piece of work by Tele.S.Therion – Luzifers Abschied. Performing a truly unique style of music that they refer to as ‘acousmatic black metal’, the artists responsible for Luzifers Abschied (Lucifer’s Farewell) have created something dark, terrifying and unlike anything most listeners will have encountered before. Based upon the fourth act of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s opera, Samstung aus Licht (Saturday from Light), Luzifers Abschied is a ceremony of exorcism, a battle with Satan himself.

The ‘acousmatic black metal’ term used to describe the work of Tele.S.Therion may lead devotees of the black metal genre to believe they know what to expect from Luzifers Abschied, that they are prepared for what is about to unfurl. They are not. As the battle of the exorcism rages throughout this album the sheer terror that exudes from the chaotic sounds is beyond anything invoked by any black metal band. Created in collusion with some of the world’s most renowned practitioners of jazz, free improvisation, avant-garde and contemporary classical music, this album explores the void between art and noise, casting traditional song structures and instrumentation aside. By using a recording technique where every artist involved recorded their parts separately, improvising, with only a bass track for guidance and no reference to what each other were playing Tele.S.Therion have tapped into something elemental, something chaotic and dark, something that sounds a lot like the essence of evil.

Luzifers Abschied is challenging, bewildering, frightening and yet utterly absorbing. It’s a ride into the heart of Hell’s labyrinth with no promise of return. To listen to this album is to walk a path you have never taken before, to see sights you have never seen before, to step over the threshold...into the black.

The CD offers private access to the virtual Acousmonium, designed by Tele.s.therion, an interactive web based audio mixer console, for a personal polyphonic experience in the act of listening.

Track Listing:

1. – Eingang | Periode I-IV
2. – Periode V – VI
3. – Periode VII – IX
4. – Periode – XII
5. – Periode XIII | Ausgang

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