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Nihil Eyes prepare to release debut album Black Path!

September 14, 2017

Today we are proud to be able to announce that death metal war machine Nihil Eyes are joining Imperative PR for the promotion of their stunning debut album, Black Path. The Nihil Eyes line-up was only completed earlier this year, but the band have delivered an opening salvo of breathtaking power and potency, marrying dark atmosphere with unstoppable drive and force.

Taking inspiration from the great British extreme innovators, like Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Paradise Lost, Nihil Eyes are here to spearhead a new strike force, armed and ready to show the world that British death metal can still go toe-to-toe with the world’s elite. Formed in 2016 by lead vocalist/guitarist Casey Jones and drummer Szymon Ogiello, the duo were joined in early 2017 by bassist Max Morgan. With the crew complete the heavy artillery of Nihil Eyes was ready to roll and progress has been ferociously rapid. Such is the accomplished poise and presence that radiates from these monstrous steel-clad tracks that you’d swear they were the work of veteran campaigners.

Mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swanö (Asphyx, Bloodbath, Incantation and too many others to mention) Black Path combines the raw firepower of classic death metal with depth, atmosphere and contemporary edge, while exploring thought provoking lyrical themes.

Grab your weapons and head for the trenches because the Nihil Eyes armoured battalion is heading your way!

Track Listing:

1 – Nihil Eyes
2 – Burn The Leech
3 – Lord Of Flies
4 – As The Water Falls
5 – Border Line
6 – True Nihilist
7 – Treachery And Id
8 – Manifesto


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