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Flames Of Genesis prepare to release debut album Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge to Further Realms

September 25, 2017

We are pleased to be able to announce that the debut album from Flames Of Genesis, Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms, will be released by Minotauro Records on November 10th.

Flames Of Genesis is the creative chalice in which the mysterious entity, known only as The Voyager, distils his blend of music and knowledge and threads through the elixir the quicksilver of secrets brought from beyond the farthest stars. Nameless and faceless he has arrived with his entrancing, all consuming music, offering insights to mystery and a listening experience like no other. He brings a sound, a vision, a key...

Interstellar Transmigration Part I: A Bridge To Further Realms is formed of seven soundtracks to enlightenment, seven revelations woven within sonic tapestries, seven wonders to be discovered. The grand, layered, cinematic sounds enthral the listener, wrapping them in the cold embrace of space, opening the mindís eye to sights from the very edge of the universe...and for those whose inner eyes are open, those whose souls listen deeply there are pathways to knowledge, to worlds beyond the distant edge, kingdoms that lie in the void beyond dreams...a bridge to further realms.

The Voyager has many secrets to share and here is where it all begins, where the willing set their foot upon the path. This album, this star map, is the first part of the odyssey. This is where the journey through wonders begins. Listen and discover... a sound, a vision, a key...

Track Listing:

1. Entering The Breathing Spaces Between Worlds
2. Visions Of Fluid Dimensions
3. A Legacy Of Ice Across The Cosmos
4. Attuning To The Voices Beyond The Vacuum
5. Aligned With The Expansion Of The Universe
6. Beyond The Linear Concept Of Time
7. Journey To Where The Silence Begins


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