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In-Defilade prepare to release Elude

October 17, 2017

Imperative PR are immensely proud to announce that we will be working with In-Defilade, to promote their breathtaking maelstrom of a second album, Elude. This album delivers sheer, heart-shaking power from the first note to the last. As the music moves through an array of moods and tempos, from the insidious slithering dread of ‘The Collapse’ to the tumultuous torrent of riffs and indefatigable blast beat assaults of ‘Fearing The Worst’, you can only listen in awe. A sense of supreme confidence radiates from these songs, an unshakeable self knowledge that In-Defilade stand tall, subservient to none.

The man who drives In-Defilade forward is none other than Jon Vesano, he whose mighty bass and vocal roar can be heard on Nile’s revered Annihilation Of The Wicked and In Their Darkened Shrines albums and who brought us the dark, underground treasures of Dark Moon. Standing at his side are Vesperian Sorrow’s Subverseraph and ex-Narcotic Wasteland drummer, Erik Schultek and the chemistry between this trio is terrifying in its potency. Adding still further to the fearsome weaponry at In-Defilade’s disposal on this titanic album are two very special guests... Dallas Toler-Wade, an essential element of the Nile sound for twenty years, brings the howling chaos of his guitar solos, while Neska of After Life and Unbreath adds her voice of unbridled fury.

Vesano himself has never sounded so venomous, his vocals blending brutality with a biting clarity as he enunciates his disdain for the weakness of humanity. Beneath him, the thunderous barrage of the rhythm section is soul-shaking, overwhelming, intimidating in its sheer unfathomable power and the riffs are a firestorm that fuses complexity with immediacy, a nuclear explosion of bewildering velocity, yet rife with barbed, inescapable hooks.

In-Defilade are coming and you have a choice to make – ride the storm with them, or be torn asunder as it passes over you. Elude is death metal of inhuman power and it will not be denied.

Track Listing:

1 – Will To Survive
2 – Fearing The Worst
3 – Apparent Adversary
4 – Return Of Affliction
5 – Drown The Child
6 – Guilty
7 – Infecting The Ranks
8 – Make Them Eat Glass
9 – The Collapse
10 – Women And Children First
11 – Mourning On The Horizon


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