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Consecration join Imperative Management

March 29, 2018

Imperative PR are delighted to announce that Norwich based black wizards of dread, doom and death, Consecration, have joined our management roster. Every band managed by Imperative possesses unique character and quality and Consecration bring something cold, haunting and utterly crushing. They bring music from beyond the black of night, from beyond the deepest shadows, from beyond the realm of nightmares – from beyond the grave.

Consecration first began in 2010 and brought themselves to the attention of the metal media almost immediately, with the release of the formidable Gut The Priest EP. This six track summoning of darkness even caught the attention of Zero Tolerance Magazine, who waxed lyrical about the huge potential on display. It was in the dying embers of 2014 that Consecration released their first full length album and Ephemerality more than fulfilled Zero Tolerance’s prophetic words. Released on UKEM Records, Ephemerality fused the bleakest of doom with the most thunderous of death metal...and then added something more. Consecration are able to tap into a vein of the most chilling, black imaginings and this is what makes their music special, lifting them above other purveyors of the slow and heavy, infusing their songs with a sinister power.

Work on the follow up to Ephemerality is already well under way and once Imperative PR heard the first demo recordings they knew they had to get on board. 2018 is going to be a massive year for Consecration because when their second album is released no one will forget their name. Be ready for an album that will steal your heart and soul...be ready for Consecration.


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