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Corpsefucking Art prepare to release Splatterphobia

10 October, 2018

The maniacal jesters from the court of the insane king have returned! Combining staggeringly heavy, brutal death metal of the highest quality with demented, disturbing, irreverent humour, there’s no one quite like Corpsefucking Art! For over two decades the masked, machete wielding Mr Daisy and his twisted troubadours have carved out a bloody niche all their own in the world of brutal sonic extremity – and now a new chapter in their tome of terrors is about to be written – Splatterphobia is coming!

Throughout their history Corpsefucking Art have scuttled from label to label, searching for the perfect asylum to nurture their lunacy and finally they have found their spiritual home – Comatose Music. Now, with the ideal label behind them and their most dangerously demented album ever ready for release, Corpsefucking Art can spread their litany of lunacy to every filth strewn alleyway, haunted basement and cold, white, padded cell around the world. On November 23rd the seal will be broken and the infection will start to spread.

Featuring the savage single ‘Satanic Barbeque’, the precision dissection of ‘Black Sheep Terror’, the relentless lung puncturing brutality of ‘Beyond The Holy Grounds’ and the heaviest version of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead’ that you’ll ever hear, Splatterphobia is the ultimate expression of Corpsefucking Art’s accomplished atrocities. So, on November 23rd be ready for the walls of sanity to distort and crack – and remember, when these lunatics are in town, you laugh with them or you die.

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Splatterphobia
2 – Satanic Barbeque
3 – Black Sheep Terror
4 – Tomator
5 – Nightmare City
6 – Robocorpse II
7 – Devoured By The Sauce
8 – Beyond The Holy Grounds
9 – Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
10 – Blood.Knife.Mirror.


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