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Scordatura prepare to release Mass Failure

August 21, 2020

After three years the undisputed kings of Scottish death metal have returned with their third album of unrelenting savagery. Scordatura’s unholy union of old school song writing and new school intensity has never been more brutally, wickedly effective than on the nine canticles of carnage that together form the mighty Mass Failure.

Scordatura have always pushed hard at the boundaries of extremity, delivering pulverising death metal of the very heaviest kind. From their 2013 debut, Torment Of The Weak, to their acclaimed second album Self-Created Abyss and now with Mass Failure, the band have striven to harness the horrific, the skull shattering and the heart-stoppingly brutal within a framework of finely crafted songs. They have never achieved their goals in such absolute fashion as they have on Mass Failure, with songs like ‘Skin Trophy’ and ‘Collapse Of Humanity’ hacking and carving their way into your brain, sculpting a shrine to their own metallic malevolence into the sacred library of your neocortex. These odes to obliteration, this evensong for the last days of humanity simply will not be forgotten, in all its glorious, frantic violence - balancing precariously between precision delivery and wild attacking power.

Together with their label, Gore House Productions, Scordatura are preparing to bring a scourge of real, ruthless death metal to the world - steeped in the blood and guts of the genre’s pioneers. The assault will begin on September 25th and total victory is the only option. Chaos is about to be unleashed!

Presale link: Gore House Productions

Track Listing:

1 – Disease Of Mind
2 – Skin Trophy
3 – Nothing But Dust
4 – Contorted Existence
5 – World Devoured
6 – The Flesh That Hates
7 – Mass Failure
8 – Immense Atrocity
9 – Collapse Of Humanity


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