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Focal Dystonia prepare to release Descending (in)human Flesh

October 12, 2020

From out of nowhere comes one of the most devastating brutal death metal assaults you will ever hear! Focal Dystonia’s debut album, Descending (In)Human Flesh is a terrifying tsunami of raging riffs and an unrelenting drum battery of staggering speed and heaviness. This is the sound of rage beyond control, of vengeance unleashed and opposition pulverised into non-existence. No more holding back in the face of slights and disrespect, just absolute bloody and beautiful annihilation!

Focal Dystonia was created by multi-instrumentalist Floor van Kuijk (Korpse/Carnifloor) and drummer Florent Duployer (Anachronism/Kakothanasy) in early 2020. Due to their innate understanding of the essence of brutal death metal, the project progressed at hellish speed. Soon they had ten songs that epitomised the genre, in all its gaudy, violent extremes and next set about assembling an incredible line-up of international vocalists to give voice to their macabre creations. In total, twelve of the underground’s most renowned proponents of throat-ruining vocal savagery contributed to the recording of Descending (In)Human Flesh – an unprecedented collective of demonic vocalizing. For now these bestial names are being kept secret, to be revealed as the days and weeks pass and the December 11th release of Descending (In)Human Flesh grows nearer.

It is, of course, Comatose Music that will be responsible for spreading the plague of Focal Dystonia worldwide – no other label being equipped to handle such a diabolical expulsion of frenzied barbarity. Descending (In)Human Flesh is not just a masterful display of domineering power, it is also a horrifying love letter to the brutal death metal scene; everything that a dedicated fan could wish for in their warped dreams. Expect no mercy when this beast is unleashed!

Presale link: Comatose Music

Track Listing:

1 – Ascending Thy Abhorrent Gods
2 – Subjected To Sickness
3 – Anatomy Of Animosity
4 – Everlasting Diabolic Seizures
5 – Pinnacle Of Deranged Euphoria
6 – The Glacial Distorted Bone
7 – Cognizance Of Obscurity
8 – Neurotic Depravity
9 – Scorching The Soul
10 – Descending (In)Human Flesh


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