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Aeons prepare to release Consequences

August 11, 2021

In 2019 the Isle Of Man’s Aeons announced themselves to the world with their remarkable debut album, A Tragic End. There was no fanfare, no sense of expectation...as if from nowhere they appeared and delivered one of the finest progressive metal albums of that year. Such auspicious beginnings of course mean that things have changed for Aeons and now, as they prepare to launch their second album, there is a definite buzz of anticipation in the air. Have they managed to match that first album? Could they have surpassed it? It’s time to face the Consequences...

Consequences makes a mockery of those questions. The ease with which Aeons have surged past their previous musical output is quite breathtaking. The seven songs which form Consequences are individually stunning and collectively magnificent, traversing an array of emotions and perceptions, blending punishing heaviness and deft subtlety with a mastery almost alchemical in nature. The listener is carried over endless vistas of sound, slammed into darkness and delivered into light as the songs transform. Tracks like ‘Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut’ and ‘Rubicon’ deliver on a visceral level with cascading riffs and searing guitar work, but also on an ethereal level as they lift the spirits and engage the mind. Aeons’ creativity is aflame!

Consequences will be available from 10th September on all major digital platforms and exclusively on Bandcamp on CD, complete with beautiful artwork and an extensively illustrated booklet. True progressive music should defy limitations, ignite the imagination and excite the senses and Aeons do all that and more, while still employing the kind of power and force to satisfy any fan of metal’s myriad sub-genres. Not all bands are created equal and some albums simply cannot be missed.

Track Listing:

1 – Rubicon
2 – Hades And Persephone
3 – Lighthouse
4 – Blight
5 – Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut
6 – Bloodstains
7 – Evelyn


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