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9 Dead - III

  • 9 Dead
    9 DEAD – 9 DEAD



    Beneath a blackened moon their decaying flesh tears itself from the clinging embrace of the cold earth. Their bitter moans fill the silence of the night, a futile protest against this violation of their rest. With empty eyes they stare at each other; at the dead, grey skin and putrefying meat sloughing from their tired bones, at the faint glow that surrounds them from the luminescent mould that quietly consumes them. Then, with another chorus of despairing lamentations torn from the bottom of their rotting hearts, they begin to walk – a shuffling, stumbling march into darkness. They have been summoned once again and wickedness awaits...

    With a sound wrenched from the depths of nightmares and songs sculpted from inexplicable horror, New Jersey’s 9 Dead present their colossal self titled debut album. Oppressively heavy riffs writhe upon an altar of incredible drumming that shifts through gears and tempos with nonchalant ease, a constant pulse of overwhelming power. A deranged voice roars, howls, screams and spits venom as a bass presence of unfathomable depth threatens to drag you down into a bottomless mire of liquid terror. 9 Dead is a shocking, unforgettable hell ride through sonic extremity, but one with a rich palette of dynamics, mood and atmosphere. The threatening bass break in ‘Wake’, the unnerving tranquillity of ‘Andromeda’, the haunting conclusion of ‘Desecrate’...all these elements weave their way into this devastating assault on the senses making for an utterly compelling listen. 9 Dead challenge your strength, your endurance, your ability to cope with crushing extremity, but they also spin tales and craft songs that will stay with you after the broken bones have fused and the bruises faded.

    9 Dead announced their alliance with the kings of death, Comatose Music, back in 2021 and now the time has finally come for the world to hear just why Comatose were so keen to lure this destructive unit into their ranks. The album, 9 Dead, will be unleashed on November 4th in an explosion of brutal death metal might and when the smoke clears no one will be left standing. Beware – the dead are coming for you!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Ingested | Gutrectomy | Insect Inside | Stillbirth

    Blake Kinnamon - Vocals
    Chris Kusmanick - Bass
    Jonathan Stauffer - Guitar
    John Kopfle - Drums


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  • 9 Dead
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