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A Hill To Die Upon - The Black Nativity

  • A Hill To Die Upon



    Beneath the vast vault of the diamond studded desert sky, the unobscured horizon as distant as another life, we wait. As the chill of night settles upon the cooling ground and the sand dances about us, carried by tiny, playful zephyrs, we wait. And as the darkness thickens to a rich velvet that envelops us, wrapping us in blankets of deep silence, there is a shifting in the shadows. A star seems to sail in sedate majesty across the heavens and its light, brighter than Sirius, pierces the black. In its beam we see them…the kings and wizards approaching from the East, their footsteps never seeming to touch the dust of the infinite wastes. We watch them come…and we wait.

    We have waited six, long years for a new album from A Hill To Die Upon and it has felt like an eternity since Via Artis Via Mortis walked amongst us. But now the wait is over, the night watch complete and the left handed wizards have returned – bringing with them their most richly textured, unfathomably deep and diverse, powerful album to date; The Black Nativity. An array of illustrious guests have joined the band to help bring this remarkable collection of songs to vibrant life, including Karl Sanders (Nile), Ole Borud (Extol), Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) and the renowned Sakis Tolis! Each guest brings something special, an extra shining twist of creativity to the songs they grace, helping to lift The Black Nativity into the realms of the truly special. As we wander into the months of winter A Hill To Die Upon have brought us an album steeped in Yuletide mystery and tradition that will blaze like a flaming torch in the cold darkness. From the meandering contemplation of first single, ‘The Left Handed Wizard (My Eyes Look West)’ to the magnificent, stately power of ‘Hymn To Marduk II’ – surely one of A Hill To Die Upon’s greatest ever tracks – The Black Nativity explores a myriad of musical territories, transporting the listener to different realms with each deft, brave turn. This is an album without peers; there are no easy comparisons to be drawn to the creations of other artists, anywhere within the realms of metal. A breathtaking new day has dawned for A Hill To Die Upon.

    Produced by the band in association with Jairus Pascale, who worked with Extol on their Of Light And Shade DVD set, The Black Nativity is blessed with the perfect sound to bring the very best out of this hoard of sonic treasures. When Rottweiler Records unveil this enthralling album on November 24th do not hesitate to embrace its secrets and accept its multitude of precious gifts.

    Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal
    For fans of: 1476 | Antestor | Secrets Of The Moon | Extol

    Michael Cook – Vocals/Drums
    Adam Cook – Vocals/Guitar
    Nolan Osmond - Guitar


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  • A Hill To Die Upon
  • A Hill To Die Upon
  • A Hill To Die Upon
  • A Hill To Die Upon