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Abhorrent Deformity - Slaughter Monolith

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    There are many ways to kill...some are simple, frenzied and bludgeoning. Others are more complex and more creative...more artistic. The edifice of horror that Abhorrent Deformity have created with their second album, the towering testament to death that is Slaughter Monolith, is compelling, enthralling, fascinating – at times breathtaking, both in its brutality and its magnificence.

    Each band member forms an interlinking part in this finely honed murder machine, from the seemingly effortless double bass drum barrage laid down by Matthew Green, to the endlessly inventive riffs, carved from flesh by the cruel talents of seven-string slaughterer Jason Keating. The guitar parts fly into tortured upward spirals like a host of insane angels, slither like a cascade of serpentine entrails or lock in with the obscene bass undercurrents of David Wright to dredge the depths of sewers clogged with blood and offal.

    There’s more to Slaughter Monolith than foreboding atmosphere and heart-stopping heaviness though. Like Cannibal Corpse’s staggering Gallery Of Suicide album, this collection of carnage anthems suggests there are stories to be told in Mark De Gruchy’s inhuman howling, paths to be followed, enticing secrets to be found across the putrid, cloying ‘Swamp Of Intestines’. When these songs open themselves up, revealing an unsuspected vastness, the effect is addictive. A track like ‘Purification Through Bodily Dismemberment’ becomes something you’d wade through blood to revisit. All these elements, the captivating dark beauty, the grandeur, the intricacy, the pitiless death lust are drawn together in Slaughter Monolith’s cover art, putting the final perfect seal on Abhorrent Deformity’s gloriously grotesque, godless creation.

    Kneel before the monolith and open your minds to unprecedented tales of torment!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Origin | Suffocation

    Jason Keating - Guitar
    Mark De Gruchy - Vocals
    Matthew Green - Drums
    David Wright - Bass


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