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Aborted Fetus - The Ancient Spirits Of Decay

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    RELEASE DATE: MAY 11th 2018

    The cold winds have gathered in the foothills of the Ural Mountains and a storm beyond all storms is about to be unleashed. An implacable, merciless beast has stirred from its slumbers and an avalanche of raging violence is tearing down the icy slopes, ready to bury the world...

    For nearly two decades Aborted Fetus have been unflinching in their pursuit of ruthless savagery. Nothing has been able to stand in their path as they have careered headlong into the very mouth of hell itself. Many thought that the Russian gorelords had achieved the ultimate expression of their bloody art with 2017s intimidating The Art Of Violent Torture, but now even that monumental act of sonic mutilation has been surpassed. The Ancient Spirits Of Decay towers over Aborted Fetus’ previous atrocities, like a warlord standing triumphant on the broken bodies of his defeated enemies. Old school bludgeon and wanton destruction collides head on with modern complexity and technicality, while screaming, howling solos tear through the guts of each heart-bursting track. Vocalist Igor conducts the resulting carnage with his most imperious performance to date, spearheading what can only be described as total annihilation.

    Many bands know how to lay down brutal sounds over a torrent of blast beats, but precious few can write songs like Aborted Fetus. This band take extremity to the very edge, but each track is exquisitely crafted, steeped in chilling atmosphere and viciously addictive. Swathed in bewitching artwork, courtesy of Armaada Art, The Ancient Spirits Of Decay sees Aborted Fetus setting new standards for brutal death metal.

    When these Russian beasts descend from their mountain lair there is no place to hide, there is no question of mercy...there is only death.

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Obituary | Brodequin | Devourment

    Alexander 'Meatgrinder' Andreev - Guitar
    Sergey Shchapov - Bass
    Sergey 'Hammer' Kulakov - Drums
    Igor Stafeev - Vocals


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