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Adelon - Resurgence

  • Adelon


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 21st 2024

    Shedding this decaying flesh, these tired and fracturing bones – once a protective shell, now a dull and dusty prison, I close my clouded eyes forever; I have no further use for their faded vision and imperfect perception. In the aeons to come I will not see, I will not hear, I will simply know. The blazing energy within incinerates the torpid husk without. All I have ever been, could ever be, the shadow and the light is made one and set free. This is my rebirth, this is my resurgence…

    With their debut EP, Resurgence, Swiss technical death metal band Adelon have attained a new stage in their musical evolution. Their vision has expanded exponentially, opening up new creative possibilities. When the guitars erupt from the haunting keys that slowly draw back the veil surrounding opening track ‘Fleshless Vertebrae’, they attack with an otherworldly, alien power. And every musical movement that follows; every tightly wound, claustrophobic, high velocity riff that diffuses into light and space, every vocal exhortation, every guitar solo, every furious rhythmic attack possesses real impact. Each carefully crafted element of the four pieces that comprise Resurgence strikes home with fine effect. Every single note, word, beat and deft flourish matters. The technical ability of this young band from Lausanne is undoubtedly of a high standard, but it’s the way in which they have applied those abilities that makes Resurgence so successful. The drama and imagination of their song writing and passionate attention to musical detail makes each of Resurgence’s four songs an excellent example of progressive, technical, vivid and visionary death metal.

    The clear, powerful sound on Resurgence, which brings out all the vibrant colours and dynamics within the music, was captured with the help of the hugely experienced Alex Sedin, owner of Ghostalgy Prods. The respected sound engineer, who has worked with the likes of Anachronism, Essence Of Datum, White Ward and many, many more, co-produced, mixed and mastered Resurgence and has since offered his thoughts on what Adelon have achieved with this EP: “Adelon is a prime example of a young band that emerges unexpectedly and pushes the envelope for the entire genre. What these guys achieve on Resurgence is stunning. Musicianship, variety, surprise factor - it's all there."
    Resurgence will be released on June 21st – so be there at the beginning of this story and watch as it unfolds…

    Genre: Technical Death Metal
    For fans of: Decapitated | Gojira | Obscura | Beyond Creation

    Pierrick Tromme - Vocals
    Titouan Tromme – Bass/Synth
    Quentin Landolt – Guitar/Keys/Synth/Drum Programming
    Robin Demarta – Drum Programming
    Lead guitar on ‘Moniseme’ by Etienne Scherer
    Saxophone on ‘Fleshless Vertebrae’ by Bastian Köhli


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