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Aeons - Consequences

  • Aeons



    A shining light rotating amidst the raging storm, piercing the boiling clouds of mediocrity that threaten to swallow everything in their greedy, rapacious path...waves of destructive restraint crashing against the weathered stone, seething with envy, desperate to tear down the beacon that threatens to lift the familiar, comforting yoke of fear. The thunder roars without respite, ever demanding, ‘be the same, accept, put away your childish dreams and conform!’ And through it all, the lightning and the rain, the ceaseless tumult, the light shines on...hope for the brave and a symbol for those who would be free.

    When even the world of metal, that bastion of rebellion, is succumbing to ever more familiar patterns and bands are slipping quietly into neatly labelled boxes at the behest of their masters, then the need for artists of imaginative flair and fiercely burning creativity is greater than ever. Hailing from the relative isolation of the Isle Of Man, Aeons fly their flag of independence proudly and their fresh, challenging, thrilling music is a powerful antidote to the sleeping draught of dull, manufactured sounds. Having delivered one of Worship Metal’s Top 10 progressive metal albums of 2019 with debut A Tragic End – that album’s title track being compared to the masterpieces of Opeth and described as “the kind of song you’ve prayed Mikael Akerfeldt would write ever since Heritage came out” – the pressure was on. Could Aeons shine even brighter? Could they surpass such a powerful opening statement? Indeed they could - with surprising, breathtaking ease.

    Welcome to Consequences, an album of strength and finesse, intimidating force and an array of subtle, magical moments. Lush, rich melodies roll across massive ranges of mighty riffs and the perspective switches from dark and claustrophobic tunnels to wide steppes and endless horizons. Glorious songs like ‘Hades And Persephone’, ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Thoughts Of A Dying Astronaut’ with its thrilling guitar work, confront and destroy perceived limitations, dazzle with their musicality and lift unrealised weight and pressure from your shoulders. Exciting and life affirming, Consequences is a true light in the darkness of life.

    On 10th September the fires of Aeons will blaze once more, calling the adventurous, the imaginative and the brave to embrace Consequences. The album will be available in digital format from all major platforms and exclusively from Bandcamp on CD, wrapped in beautiful artwork, with the first 50 copies being signed by the band. Not all bands are created equal and some albums simply cannot be missed. Face the Consequences and free your spirit.

    Genre: Progressive Metal
    For fans of: Opeth | Born Of Osiris | Deafheaven | Veil Of Maya

    Justin Wallace - Drums
    Skippy Hilton - Vocals
    Joe Holland - Bass
    Si Harvey – Guitars/Vocals
    Scott Sayer - Guitar/Vocals


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