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Akem Manah (USA) - Demons Of The Sabbat

  • akem-manah
    Akem Manah - Demons Of The Sabbat

    Label: Possession Productions

    Release date: 11.01.16

    In the summer of 2014 an incredible album of colossal, arcane, necrotic doom metal was self released by Akem Manah. It emerged from their tomb-like studio with little to no fanfare and tragically was heard by precious few. That album was Demons Of The Sabbat and its story could have ended there. However, fortune brought this monstrous album to the doors of Possession Productions who immediately recognised its unique character and combination of power and atmosphere second to none. They immediately determined that the metal world should have a proper opportunity to hear what Akem Manah had created, so here you have the reanimated, second coming of the Demons Of The Sabbat...

    Featuring ex-White Zombie drummer Ivan De Prume and ex-NILE bassist Chris Lollis, supporting guitarist/vocalist and founder member Dead Nedry, Demons Of The Sabbat blends the heaviest of doom with the most diabolical of death and adds a sorcerous, haunted, crypt dwelling atmosphere. There’s nothing out there that captures quite the same sense of ancient terror as Akem Manah.

    The album is available to buy in superb digi-pack format and high quality download directly from Possession Productions Bandcamp page.

    Thank the dark gods, thank Possession Productions and then grasp this second chance to discover the terrifying magic and majesty of AKEM MANAH’s Demons Of The Sabbat.

    A selection of press feedback included: “Menacing, majestic, melancholic and masterful.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE
    “...darkness, gloom and doom...” – WINGS OF DEATH
    “...a momentous creation of unique atmosphere and sheer bone-breaking power.” – METAL TRENCHES
    “...necrotic metal, music meant to evoke ritual spaces and evil deeds.” – SEA OF TRANQUILITY
    “...deep feelings of dread and terror...” – VALLEY OF STEEL
    “So glad to have heard this and you need to as well.” – ABSOLUTE ZERO MEDIA
    “...tough, doomy death metal...” – ROCK HARD
    “...really high quality.” – METALHEAD.IT
    “...akin to a ritual experience, suffocating and fascinating at once.” – KAOS GUARDS
    “...does not hesitate to think outside the box.” – XXL-ROCK

    Interviews also appeared courtesy of ZERO TOLERANCE and DOOMED TO DARKNESS amongst others.

    Genre: Arcane Necro Doom/Death Metal
    For fans of: Triptykon | Funebrarum | Coffins | Evoken

    Recording Line-up:
    Ivan De Prume - Drums
    Dead Nedry – Guitar/Vocals
    Chris Lollis – Bass

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