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Anakim - The Elysian Void

  • Anakim



    The shadow cast by its towering form is darker than the darkness, a pool of lightless terror that swallows the night. In this writhing image of the void you pray with a desperate fervour, your words spat into the mud as you abase yourself before this god who was old before time itself, this emperor of the emptiness whose name you had the audacity to shout at the skies. As a multitude of grasping tentacles thrash the air in silent rage you lift your eyes to the face of the lord and your sanity tumbles into the abyss, lost forever...

    Tales of madness and chaos, of ancient powers and worlds beyond the stars, of forgotten knowledge and arcane incantations brought to vibrant life by cascading guitars and thundering drums, a voice of imperious power, melodies and mayhem. Anakim’s The Elysian Void offers a feast of death metal like no other; incredible, unforgettable songs of deft complexity and unstoppable force with each musician taking an equal role in the weaving of this glorious tapestry of sound and story. ‘Of Starlit Shrines’ draws back the curtain and ushers in an all encompassing, enthralling listening experience, where guitar lines of gold and steel entwine dynamic rhythms and riff after riff is delivered with an exhilarating vibrancy. Essentially The Elysian Void is a melodic, technical death metal album, but that simplistic assessment comes nowhere near explaining all it has to offer. Quite simply one of the best albums that any of metal’s many subdivisions has produced this year.

    Originally made available in the summer, The Elysian Void slipped into the chaos of this plague stricken year with barely a sound. Having heard this metallic masterpiece Imperative PR agreed that an album of such quality could not be allowed to pass unheard and hence it is being relaunched, with all the fanfare it so justly deserves on October 8th. Immaculately recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuel Turbitt (Shrapnel, Necronautical, The Infernal Sea etc) and adorned with the breathtaking artwork of Mark Erskine (Scordatura, Stass, Battlesword etc), do not let this album pass you by!

    Genre: Melodic Technical Death Metal
    For fans of: Pestilence | Essence Of Datum | Dark Tranquillity | Bloodshot Dawn

    Matt Small - Vocals
    Anthony Ridout - Bass
    Joe Ryan - Guitar
    Carl Hunting - Guitar
    Ewan Ross - Drums


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