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Ante-Inferno - Fane

  • Ante-Inferno


    RELEASE DATE: 01 MAY 2020

    The Fane is a house of secrets, a house of stories, a vault of the treasured knowledge that mankind has forgotten; it is a chalice of truth in an age of lies. It stands within the great forest that covers this land from coast to windswept coast, its glades and glorious canopy unseen by blinded eyes. The way to its door is written between the notes of the old songs and behind the lines of the tales that reverberate with the honesty of the ages. Behind its many doors are many pathways and many are the eyes that watch from the shadows that gather around its blazing hearth. It teems with restless ghosts and creatures whose thirst for blood is as endless as the Fane itself. It is all your world is not – the eternal centre of what was and will forever be.

    Ante-Inferno have come down from the Yorkshire moors, bringing with them their seven dark commandments, carved into the rough hewn stone of their debut album, Fane. This violently magnificent collection of English black metal hymns is the sound of hilltops at night, beneath the diamond dusted panoply of an icy heaven. It is the rush of blood through the veins, a binding promise to the ancients, a torrent of howling darkness. The furious intensity of each wild incantation is entwined in beguiling threads of melody, entrancing even as your soul is torn apart and scattered upon the winds of mayhem. Songs like ‘Worship’ attack with a terrifying venom and ferocity – timely reminders that the old gods were often far from kind. The driving grandeur, force and fire of Ante-Inferno will stay with you long after the last echoes of their war cries have faded back into silence. Once discovered the pathway to the Fane will never be forgotten.

    As the sun begins to warm the land with the advent of spring, UKEM will unleash this force of ancient darkness upon the land. Ante-Inferno will cast their shadow over the season of rebirth and Fane will offer different pleasures to those with darker hearts. For those who seek the secrets of other wheres and whens, your time is coming, riding hard on the wings of the storm.

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Forefather | Winterfylleth | Drudkh | Nefarious

    K.B - Vocals/Guitars
    M.Z - Guitars
    G.S - Drums
    N.L. - Bass


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