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Anthropophagus Depravity - Demonic Paradise

  • Anthropophagus Depravity


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 21st 2024

    Beneath the burning skies the moment of victory arrives. As endless squadrons of spiralling devils, the infernal legions upon the wing, tear through the clouds of flame and sulphur, the last angel, his face a mask of agonised bewilderment, gasps out a final prayer, a final plea to the absent Father. Golden ichor cascades over the jagged brimstone outcrop on which he lies with broken wings in brilliant, golden streams. The light fades from his eyes and a cacophony of screams rends the ash filled air, a billion blistered throats howl in bestial triumph and the Fallen turn their collective gaze upwards towards heights so long unseen. Far above, the gates of the Silver City stand open and unguarded. The conflict of aeons is over, the scales of balance toppled forever and the infinite realms of reality are become a Demonic Paradise!

    Following on from the pulverising attack of their debut album Apocalypto, Indonesia’s Athropophagus Depravity have returned with a new collection of terror inducing hymns of horror - Demonic Paradise! The band have taken the chilling atmosphere and bludgeoning violence of Apocalypto and elevated it to new levels of intricate performance and accomplished brutality. Beginning with the shocking, instantaneous assault of ‘The Obscure Realm’- frenzied and frantic, yet delivered with a wicked precision - Demonic Paradise takes the listener on a thrilling gore-ride of total devastation. This album is a tour de force of brutal death metal, an absolute master class in sonic savagery. From the lurching malevolence of ‘Malicious Catastrophe’, a staggering animated corpse made sound, formed from rotten flesh, insatiable hunger and devilish intent to the ogre-march of ‘Preaching Above Depravity’ and the titanic title track - a towering pinnacle amongst mighty monoliths of destruction - Demonic Paradise is a veritable flailing machine of a thousand blades, dicing, dissecting and devouring. Even fans that immersed themselves neck deep in the blood and entrails of Apocalypto will be shocked by everything that Anthropophagus Depravity have achieved with Demonic Paradise. With its awesome array of riffs, violently expressive vocals and torrents of rhythmic annihilation this album is truly a monstrous edifice to behold!

    For a second time Anthropophagus Depravity will march shoulder to shoulder with the princes of perversity, the barons of brutality - Comatose Music. Together they will bring Demonic Paradise to a trembling world on June 21st. Complete with the dark and glorious artwork of Timbul Cahyono (Massacre, Nocturnus AD, Terrorizer etc) and blessed again with the unholy mixing and mastering necromancy of Indra Cahya, whose poisonous spells infused Apocalypto with such horrendous hostility. Prepare to offer your souls upon the altar of Anthropophagus Depravity once again and celebrate with them the birth of a new kingdom, a new principality of torment - a Demonic Paradise!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devangelic | Immolation | Cryptopsy | Incantation

    Pandu Herlambang - Vocals
    Eko Aryo Widodo - Guitar
    Yohanes Widiasmoro - Bass
    Sahrul Ramadhan - Drums


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  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity