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Anthropophagus Depravity - Apocalypto

  • Anthropophagus Depravity


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 2nd 2021

    The gods of the mad are hungry, eternally ravenous for the sustenance of blood and agony. Atop the temple of fire, flesh and skin are torn with jagged bone. Still beating hearts are held aloft and smeared upon the toothless grin of Itzamna and the decomposing jaws of Yum Kimil. The bodies tumble down the ninety one gore stained steps, bones breaking as they fall; down into the arms of the howling disciples of carnage who set upon them with gleeful fury. The scraps from the table of the gods skinned, defiled and dismembered in an orgy of butchery...

    Indonesia is a festering sore of brutal death metal, infected with an array of bands that explore the outer limits of savagery and sickness. Writhing like maggots in a wound these pioneers of putridity eat their way deeper and deeper into the darkness. Hailing from Yogyakarta, city of ancient temples, Anthropophagus Depravity entwine shuddering heaviness with chilling atmosphere and nightmarish brutality. Their debut full length album, Apocalypto, is a torrent of overwhelming, suffocating horror that feeds upon the vicious rituals of the ancient Mayan religion. The furious riffs and relentless blasts seem to force themselves down your throat, choking you with a pitiless intensity. Tracks like ‘Escape From The Deadlands’ and ‘Ruthless Nation Perished’ are supreme examples of the intoxicating power that brutal death metal can summon up at its very, very best. Brief interludes between tracks twist the feelings of fear and panic to nerve-shredding heights and when the full destructive force of a song like ‘Mantra Solar Eclipse’ is unleashed the shock of the assault is even more agonizing than you imagined.

    Now united with the overlords of brutality, Comatose Music, Anthropophagus Depravity are ready to unleash their tide of terror upon the world. Their grotesque hymns of sacrificial slaughter will sound out from the high altar on July 2nd bringing visions of death beneath the knife to all who hear them. Prepare for a new age of wicked superstition and the rebirth of old and hungry gods.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Devangelic | Relics of Humanity | Disentomb | Analepsy

    Pandu Herlambang - Vocals
    Eko Aryo Widodo - Guitar
    Rico Zerico - Guitar
    Cahyono Hari Wijayanto - Bass
    Sahrul Ramadhan - Drums


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  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity
  • Anthropophagus Depravity