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Architectural Genocide - Cordyceptic Anthropomorph

  • Architectural Genocide


    RELEASE DATE: MARCH 13th 2020

    As a hell of human construction is unleashed in a rain of fire and sky-splitting unnatural thunder, he walks the broken streets. He brings the mercy of oblivion to those who cower amongst the wreckage of lives that are now but distant dreams. In the uncertainty of conflict he dispenses the simple surety of annihilation to all. He silences their fears, bursting their skulls in his iron clad hands. He unravels the panic that gnaws at the long, slippery ropes of their entangled intestines. He blinds the eyes that can bear no more horrors, chews and swallows their pain-flooded, bleeding hearts. He is systematic destruction in a world torn asunder, the grand leveller, the architect of genocide...

    Texas has always been a fertile breeding ground for the most brutal extremes of death metal and Houston’s Architectural Genocide have proved themselves a match for all the illustrious, gore-soaked names who have gone before them. Their debut album, Cordyceptic Anthropomorph is the sound of sheer brute force within a maelstrom of violence and pulverised flesh. Armed with songs like opening track ‘Spires Of Mangled Tissue’, a song of bewildering savagery and staggering strength, this album is a blast beat driven war machine. It subjects you to a blistering, bludgeoning attack upon your sanity, throwing you into the firing line of machine gun riffs, laughing as you’re ripped to shreds. The utter venom that seethes through every warped note of ‘Gorge On Deceased’, the vehement anger in every guttural roar that drives ‘Abolishment Of Human Existence’, is exhilarating and terrifying in equal measure. Cordyceptic Anthropomorph is not a listening experience you will walk away from unscathed. As Jim Morrison once said, ‘no one gets out of here alive’.

    When Comatose Music heard Architectural Genocide’s 2018 demo, they knew immediately that this was a band that belonged in the rotting ranks of their host. Their faith in the band’s ability to deliver some of the most punishing sounds known to man has been repaid tenfold with the delivery of Cordyceptic Anthropomorph. Mixed and mastered by Davide Billia (Beheaded, Antropofagus, Hour Of Penance etc) this sounds as bowel-burstingly heavy as you could possibly wish for. As a new year dawns, Comatose Music bring us a new band and a whole new level of sickening, slamming, brutal death metal power!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Disentomb | Gorgasm | Visceral Disgorge | Disgorge

    Daniel Brockway - Vocals
    Matt Day - Bass
    Jonathan Blake - Guitar
    Nat Conner - Drums


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  • Architectural Genocide
  • Architectural Genocide
  • Architectural Genocide
  • Architectural Genocide