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Arx Atrata - The Path Untravelled

  • Arx Atrata



    High upon the windswept cliff top with the world laid out before you, there is a perfect moment of understanding. The sea stretches out to the distant horizon and waves crash silently against the rocks far below, all sounds swept away on the wind. A hawk circles above, riding the currents of air that swirl around the headland. The sheer splendour of the earth, the power of the elements, reduce humankind to insignificance, yet simultaneously you are bound to this power, a part of this grandeur. Behind you the forest fills the valley, a living entity full of secrets and the world is suddenly full of possibilities and stories yet unwritten, paths as yet untravelled...

    Wherever you may be, the music of Arx Atrata can open a window onto that moment of hope and clarity. The atmospheric black metal sounds of new album The Path Untravelled bring those vast, unspoilt vistas to your mind, those cold, cleansing winds to your heart. The enormity of creation is painted across the canvas of your imagination in the sweeping strokes of guitar, the intimacy of personal experience in the golden threads of melody that weave their way through the rush of power, settling in the shadowed glades of reflection between the cascading riffs. For those who yearn for substance and meaning, songs like the album’s overwhelming title track can reconnect you to the vital heart of all things, reinvigorate the soul and take you riding upon the winds of imagination. Previous Arx Atrata albums have been hailed by the critics, with Zero Tolerance commenting on the “frozen beauty and lavish texture” of 2013s Oblivion and Terrorizer calling 2016s Spiritus In Terra “an absolute delight”. With The Path Untravelled, Ben Sizer, the man behind the Arx Atrata name, has unveiled even more of the qualities that have delighted fans and reviewers so far on his journey. He has dug deeper, reached further and dreamed in even more vibrant colours to create something truly special.

    The Path Untravelled will be released in October, John Keats’ ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’, a gift to those who still seek magic beneath the trees and under the stars. Embrace it, for all it has to offer and discover all the paths you have yet to travel.

    Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
    For fans of: Winterfylleth | Ashbringer | Imperium Dekadenz | Agalloch

    Ben Sizer – All vocals, instruments and synths


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  • Arx Atrata
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