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Attractive Chaos - Tame & Conquer

  • Attractive Chaos


    RELEASE DATE: AUGUST 14th 2024

    "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts."
    - William Shakespeare

    The fierce dramas of the human heart are acted out upon the stage of a lifetime. The storms of fervour and desire, the gloom of doubt instilled by repression, the brilliant, blinding light of realisation and new found self belief – blazing sunshine cutting through the clouds of deprecation and control. We fall like the Morningstar and rise again like the phoenix. Such brief, tempestuous lives we lead, brave flames in the darkness of eternity; tiny passion plays, triumphs and tragedies, flickering sparks in the cold and endless night.

    With their stunning second EP, Tame & Conquer, Franco-Italian melodic metal band Attractive Chaos paint wonderful, intimate portraits of the emotions that define us. The grand scale of our hopes and ambitions, the quiet depths of our loves, the consuming heat of our obsessions are all elegantly captured in the deceptive simplicity of stylish and sophisticated songs. Opening with new single, ‘To The Moon’, the beautiful vocals of Emma Elvaston entwine the listener in sublime melody, enfold you in a dream. The rush of positivity is gloriously uplifting and the smoothly shifting rhythms and tempos and the dextrous guitar work of Clément Botz are simply breathtaking – it’s the perfect start to the second chapter in the Attractive Chaos fairytale. Tracks like ‘Magical Powers’ and ‘Right Now’ show the darker, heavier elements of Attractive Chaos’ music, utilising harsh vocal punctuations and exquisite musicianship to highlight the layered personality and complex depths which form the foundations that support the sweetly addictive melody lines. Tame & Conquer follows naturally in the footsteps of debut EP The Fire Between Us, but Attractive Chaos have not stood still, with the multi-faceted nature of the climactic ‘Obsession’ in particular showing the band pushing onwards into new territories, as flamenco guitar, searing intensity and bewitching melody coalesce in serene sonic alchemy. Completed by first single, the entrancing ‘Words On A Letter’ where every note is radiant with the soft light of sunset and the energy infused ‘Finally’, with its magnificent chorus, you could listen to Tame & Conquer for hours on end and its magic would never fade.

    Mixed and mastered at Domination Studio (Nightmare, Karl Sanders, Twilight Force etc) Tame & Conquer sounds sumptuous – a banquet for the ears – and Attractive Chaos have once again entrusted the creation of cover art to Mickael Briot of Mythrid Art (Evenflow, In Defilade etc) with spectacular results. Tame & Conquer will be released on August 14th and your heart will start to sing again…

    Genre: Melodic Metal
    For fans of: Epica | Nightwish | Delain | Leaves’ Eyes

    Emma Elvaston – Lead Vocals
    Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Bass and Backing Vocals
    Clément Botz – Guitar and Growls
    *drums on Tame & Conquer performed by Thomas Calegari
    *guest vocals from Gabriele Gozzi


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