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Attractive Chaos - The Fire Between Us

  • Attractive Chaos


    RELEASE DATE: APRIL 12th 2023

    The intricacies of love can consume us, as we lose our sense of reality and our dreams are transformed by the dances of the heart. We spin, bewildered by our ever changing roles in the passion play. We burn in the flames of desire and freeze in the cold ashes they can leave behind. So many doors to choose from and so many of them lead to nowhere, to a nothingness more powerful than pain. Yet the music never fails to entice and entrance, because behind one of those countless doorways lies a joy and peace supreme; a hand that will unwind the shroud the world has bound you in and allow your light to shine…

    The Fire Between Us, the debut EP from Attractive Chaos explores the wandering, interweaving paths of love and loyalty, desperation and despair with all the musical power and beauty such an overwhelming subject demands. Bringing together the immeasurable talents of bassist Pietro Paolo Lunesu (Even Flow), guitarist Clément Botz (Beneath My Sins) and vocalist Emma Elvaston (Beneath My Sins) in one fabulous elixir of intensely melodic metal, Attractive Chaos is destined to become a revered name amongst devoted fans of the genre. From the unforgettably uplifting chorus of ‘Won And Lost’ to the strength and drama of ‘The Storm’, The Fire Between Us rides the waves of emotion, from love’s exhilarating peaks to its terrifying depths. Emma’s vocals are sublime, combining crystal clarity, rich texture and enveloping warmth while the deft, dextrous string work of Pietro and Clement weave a breathtaking canvas upon which her voice can soar, spiral and dance. Both ‘The Storm’ and ‘Still Here’ also benefit from a melodious guest vocal courtesy of Mario Del Rio Escobedo (Erszebeth, The Dark Star Calling, Alia Tempora), his voice providing a perfect accompaniment to Emma’s diaphanous, golden song. Together they have created an unforgettable listening experience, with the EPs penultimate masterpiece ‘As You Are’ immediately making itself at home in your heart. While The Fire Between Us is a fresh and vibrant piece of work, its melodies feel as if you have known them forever.

    Adorned in the ever spectacular artwork of Mickaël Briot of Mythrid Art (Even Flow, In Defilade, Nightmare etc), The Fire Between Us will be released on April 12th, it’s sound polished to a glorious sheen by the mixing and mastering talents of Simone Mularoni (Deathless Legacy, Elvenking, Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody etc). Every aspect of this remarkable debut release has been meticulously crafted and yet still remains imbued with a wonderful sense of life and vitality. The Fire Between Us is undoubtedly one of the melodic metal releases of the year.

    Genre: Melodic Metal
    For fans of: Epica | Amaranth | Delain | Within Temptation

    Emma Elvaston – Lead Vocals
    Pietro Paolo Lunesu – Bass and Backing Vocals
    Clément Botz – Guitar and Growls
    *drums on The Fire Between Us performed by Thomas Calegari


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