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Basement Torture Killings - Lessons In Murder

  • Basement Torture Killings


    RELEASE DATE: 22nd May

    “A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever. I am legend.” - Richard Matheson, I Am Legend

    Are you just a dreamer? One who thinks wistfully of wonderful fantasies, content to let the devils play within the confines of your troubled mind? Or are you a monster in waiting? Are the walls between your inner world and the real world growing thin? Do you watch the prey wander past your window and know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ll soon be bathing in their blood and thrilling to their screams? Is it just a matter of time before the media christen you with your true name? Ripper, Render, Defiler...are you destined to haunt the nightmares of the innocent, for centuries to come?

    Infamous within the hallowed halls of killers, their names engraved in blood in the annals of insanity, Basement Torture Killings have emerged once more from their feral nest. The unstoppable murder machine is back and another reign of terror is about to begin! New album Lessons In Murder is a guidebook to sating your most depraved desires and an outstanding display of the most wickedly meticulous death metal imaginable. Listen close and you’ll hear voices of unhinged temptation whispering between the eviscerating riffs. Tremble while spirits of terrifying rage ride the pummelling rhythms, delivering blow after killing blow, relentless and merciless. From the vicious, stabbing attack of ‘Armchair Psycho Or Pure Predator’ to the irresistible call to kill that is ‘Public Displays Of Aggression’, onwards through the madness of ‘Erotophonophillia’, its solo raining down notes like a spray of arterial blood, before climaxing in a prolonged scream of agony, to the final, frenzied, bloody end of ‘The League Of Extraordinary Killers’...Lessons in Murder is a terrifying, scarring assault on the senses.

    Building upon the overwhelming savagery of 2017s There’s Something About Beryl, Basement Torture Killings have whipped their frothing slurry of cruelly accomplished musicality and inhuman depravity into an uncontrollable frenzy. Don’t bother to run when Bizarre Leprous Production let loose the killers on 22nd May; there is no hiding from their blades, barbed wire and teeth. Just ask yourself, are you dreamer or killer? Or simply prey.

    Genre: Snuff Grind/Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse| Exhumed | Avulsed | General Surgery

    Beryl - Horrific Goratory Of Perverse Verse
    Tarquin - Hideous Sermon & Manipulator Of Ripped Sinews
    K----- - Low End Bowel Rupture
    The Faceless Killer - Beater Of Human Skins


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  • Basement Torture Killings
  • Basement Torture Killings
  • Basement Torture Killings
  • Basement Torture Killings