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Between The Killings - The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence

  • Between The Killings


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 7th 2024

    “…for no man shall see Me, and live.”
    – Exodus 33:20

    A door opened in my mind and I tumbled through it, falling into a raging, black storm. The darkness poured into my mouth, filling the emptiness inside me and infusing me with purpose. Everything that had existed before that moment became meaningless; reduced to a set of fading photographs of forgotten places and faceless people. There in that room was everything that mattered…and I was transformed. I was god-like, their life held in my hands, their every desperate breath my gift to them. I was their alpha and omega. Their blood, their bone, their agony…all mine. Omnipotent in that perfect moment, my power absolute…I was not a merciful god.

    The story continues, as Indiana’s Between The Killings return to their voyage through the mind of a killer and unveil The Killing Quartet Vol. 2: Omnipotence! Such is the level of aural violence that permeates every second of this new chapter that the listener is left shocked and breathless, within trembling touching distance of the chilling, soulless void that broods at the heart of those empty creatures that kill without remorse. This is death metal at its most pitiless and savage, the cascading riffs falling like knives puncturing skin, the drums an onslaught of blunt force trauma, the solos like desperate, dying screams, the bestial vocals tearing at the desecrated flesh, hungry for blood. ‘Details Of Sadistic Killings’ is an utterly frenzied assault, while the vicious precision of ‘Satisfaction Of Suffocation’ drills into your consciousness with pernicious sadism. Between The Killings tap into the original warped spirit of death metal and then drag it ever downwards into the dankest cellars, the foulest sewers, charnel pits and slaughterhouses where innocent victims depart this world, lonely, lost and afraid. Following faithfully in the gore-spattered footprints of 2022s The Killing Quartet Vol. 1: Reflections Of Murder, Omnipotence is merciless, malevolent and never meant for the light of day.

    Adorned, like its predecessor, in the twisted comic artwork of Karl Dahmer (Exhumed, Gutulax, Nunslaughter etc) and mixed and mastered by Tony Tipton (Kraanium, Reap, Necrotic Disgorgement etc) at The Metal Foundry, every excoriating element of Omnipotence has been carefully, cruelly constructed to deliver the maximum damage. When Comatose Music let loose this ravening beast on June 7th the walls of sanity will be breached and the bastions of morality overrun. Horror beyond imagining awaits.

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Brutal Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Gorgasm | Desecration | Lividity

    Braxton Keyser - Vocals
    Ian Dygulski – Bass
    Miles Ellegood – Lead Guitars
    Von Young – Guitars
    Justin Wallisch - Drums


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  • Between The Killings
  • Between The Killings
  • Between The Killings
  • Between The Killings