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Black Altar & Kirkebrann - Deus Inversus

  • Black Altar


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 30th 2020

    Through the mists of time and the deep folds of eternal darkness a voice speaks. It speaks truths, unacceptable and unbearable to all but the hardiest of heart and soul. It speaks of fire everlasting and wounds never healing. It speaks of illusionary orders dismantled and destroyed, of gods and kings brought low, palaces in ruins and prisons rent asunder. The time of reversal and disturbance is upon us all, be we deity or damned. A new star shall burn in the morning sky and the eternal shall at last succumb to age and fall to their knees in the dust, their wisdom become arrogance lost to confusion and scattered on the wind.

    Two harbingers of destruction now stand back to back in the shadow and smoke, two warriors, two guardians, sentinels of the pathways - unique entities but indivisible in purpose and bound by blood to the black. Black Altar and Kirkebrann are both purveyors of elite black metal of supreme force and intensity and they have combined their powers to create one very special split album – Deus Inversus. Throughout the seven tracks assembled here the atmosphere envelops utterly, consumes completely. The raging tumult summoned up by Black Altar on the album’s opening, title track seizes you, transports you, as you are flung ever onwards as this vision of desolation unfolds. When Kirkebrann’s ‘Ufødte Klarhet’ slowly releases you from its grip and mundane reality seeps back into your perceptions the overwhelming need to ride this storm once more is irresistible. Despite the individual character of the two bands their works on Deus Inversus unite in sublime and awe inspiring fashion, due in part to the production work of Mauser (ex-Vader) who helped to craft Black Altar’s contributions and Morfeus (ex-Limbonic Art) who conspired with Kirkebrann. Other musical contributions came from Lars Broddesson (Funeral Mist, ex-Marduk) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen), all of which helps to ensure that Deus Inversus is so much more than just another release.

    This monumental album, this imperious outpouring of darkness and raging fury will be released by Odium Records on June 30th on digi-pack CD and vinyl – including a strictly limited run of transparent, marbled black and orange vinyl die hard packages, with sticker and patch. Housed in the evocative artwork of Nestor Avalos no devoted disciple of black metal can afford to miss this alliance of formidable powers. Black Altar and Kirkebrann...individually immense, together invincible!

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Watain | Marduk | Urgehal | Taake

    Black Altar Recording Line-up:
    Shadow – Vocals/Bass
    T.R. - Guitars
    Lars Broddesson - Drums
    Additional vocals by Lilly Kim and Alexandros

    Kirkebrann Recording Line-up:
    Draug – Vocals
    Hrafn – Lead Guitar
    Skroemt – Bass Guitar
    Nasreten – Rhythm Guitar
    Thunberg – Drums


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  • Black Altar
  • Black Altar
  • Black Altar
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  • Kirkebrann
  • Black Altar