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Black Altar & Vulture Lord - Deathiah Manifesto

  • Black Altar Vulture Lord



    Along the moonlit path a wind begins to stir. The naked branches of the frozen trees sway and clatter together like the bones of the dead, the disturbed snow caught by the wind before it can drift to the ground and whipped into whirling spirits of ice. The wind is but a herald, gusting across the cold ground, a harbinger of a darkness deeper than the night. The sound of hooves grows like a distant thunder and the world stands motionless while the very air starts to freeze, tearing the lungs of those who still need to breathe. The lords of the dark are riding, on their pale and eyeless horses and death follows in their wake, reaping as he comes...

    Two powers of the underground, two great dukes of hell now ride together, their alliance formed through unending dedication to the downfall of the light. Black Altar and Vulture Lord are here to present their Deathiah Manifesto to the world of men. Eight tracks of superlative spite and imperious evil, swathed in chilling atmosphere and bristling with riffs like serrated blades, this is one manifesto you can believe in, one whose promises of destruction will be delivered without fail, without mercy. This is black metal to the bone, unflinching and unquestionable. Among their four cataclysmic contributions Vulture Lord have included a song featuring the original vocal tracks laid down by the departed Trondr Nefas, who returned to the shadows in 2012 and a seething cover of Vulcano’s ‘Dominios Of Death’, taken from the classic Bloody Vengeance LP. The invocations of Black Altar have been enhanced by the presence of musicians from Vader, Mork and Enshadowed, while unnerving intros have been crafted by Ludo ‘Evil’ Lejeune (Crest Of Darkness, Vincent Crowley etc). More than just a split album, Deathiah Manifesto is a momentous entry in the annals of dark, evil, underground music.

    Swathed in the magnificent artwork of Jenglot Hitam (Abigail, Impiety, Battle Dagorath etc) Deathiah Manifesto will be unleashed on February 15th by Odium Records, on eleven panel, inverted cross digi-pack, black vinyl and limited die hard editions. No disciple of the dark can afford to miss this devastating outpouring of sacrilege and sedition – kneel before the Black Altar and hail the Vulture Lord, death is upon us!

    Genre: Black Metal
    For fans of: Darkthrone | Urgehal | Watain | Taake

    Black Altar Recording Line-up:
    Shadow – Vocals & Bass
    Necro (Enshadowed) - Guitars
    Thomas Eriksen (Mork) - Guitars
    James Stewart (Vader) - Drums

    Vulture Lord Line-up:
    Sorath - Vocals
    Malphas - Guitar & Bass
    Enzifer - Guitar
    Uruz - Drums


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  • Black Altar Vulture Lord
  • Black Altar
  • Black Altar
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  • Vulture Lord
  • Black Altar Vulture Lord