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Body Harvest - Parasitic Slavery

  • Body Harvest


    RELEASE DATE: MAY 3rd 2019

    Humanity feeds upon every living organism on this planet, devouring rapaciously without thought, without mercy. The Earth screams beneath the yoke of our careless slavery but we ignore the cries, driven by our endless greed we consume without respite, hurtling towards our own destruction in an insane feast of total annihilation. But there are other dimensions than the one we know, other worlds where it is the humans that scream, unheard, for eternity. There are places where we are imprisoned from birth to agonising death, where the offspring of monsters are nourished by our bodies. There are prisons where every waking moment is a nightmare and the only dream is of death, where we suffer in the chains of parasitic slavery...

    To visit this alternate universe of human suffering, to stare down into the prisons and feeding chambers, the charnel pits of horror, one has only to be immersed in the boiling cauldron of chaos, extremity and intimidating power that is Body Harvest. Body Harvest were formed in the dying days of 2011 by guitarists Jake Ettle-lles and Gareth Nash, with the sole intent of creating the ultimate in death metal devastation. They wanted insane speed, they wanted unmitigated savagery, they wanted vicious, infectious riffs and unforgettable songs with overwhelming, sinister atmosphere. They created Body Harvest. In the spring of 2014 the first album was released Futile Creation a stunning display of superb song writing with a classic death metal sensibility and skin flaying velocity, delivered with fearsome drive and focus. Over the last four years the band have gigged furiously , touring with Mass Infection and Hideous Divinity, playing shows with Exhumed, Anaal Nathrakh, Vital Remains and Gorguts, festivals with Vader, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse and Emperor.

    All of that experience and undiminished intent has been poured into the creation of new album Parasitic Slavery. Released through that powerhouse of brutality, Comatose Music, on May 3rd this is no album for the weak. Recorded under the watchful eye of Jonny Pettersson (Those Who Bring The Torture, Wombbath, Rogga Johansson etc) Parasitic Slavery is one cataclysmic, explosive collection of incredible death metal. As good as Futile Creation was, Parasitic Slavery annihilates it with an imperious magnificence born of absolute self belief. This is the ultimate firestorm. This is the next level of death metal supremacy. This is Body Harvest Parasitic Slavery!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    ...real death metal.

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Morbid Angel | Hate Eternal | Krisiun | Nile

    Jake Ettle-Iles - Vocals & Guitar
    Gareth Nash - Vocals & Guitar
    Dan Shaw Odell - Bass
    Will Pearson - Drums


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