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Brotality - The Woods Will End You

  • Brotality


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 3rd 2022

    Never stray from the path...it’s a warning that’s been ingrained in the human psyche through the ages. Our folklore and fairytales from every culture speak of the dangers awaiting those who succumb to curiosity, temptation, or bravado; those who fail to heed the lessons of their forefathers. There are wolves out there between the trees, wolves that hunger for the warm rush of blood released. And deeper within the shadows, in the places where even the wolves fear to tread, there are monsters; devils who wait to tear you down and tear you apart. If you must venture through the woods, beneath the canopy of secrets, don’t listen to the whispers and the promises, don’t go chasing illusions of beauty...stick to the path – or your end is assured.

    The Woods Will End You is the second full length album from New York’s Brotality, following in the wake of ‘21s Worldwide Desolation. Its complex compositions walk the hinterlands of thrash metal, reaching out into the shimmering realms of progressive metal, drawing the essence of both together and weaving them into a breathtaking new tapestry of many colours. These songs capture the many layered fabric of the wild woods – the beauty, the danger, the mystery, the darkness and the light. Crisp, incisive riffs and muscular, powerful beats fuse with sublime melodies and uplifting solos that will open up your heart. Vocals, snarling and intimidating, dramatic and richly melodious tell their stories over intriguing rhythms and captivating, characterful music. To the willing listener The Woods Will End You will reveal something truly remarkable and in songs like ‘The Moon Below’ and ‘Sunseeker’ there is real treasure to be found – as long as you never wander from the path!

    Formed by brothers Bryce and Reece Maopolski in 2016, Brotality has evolved at a stunning rate. In just a few short years they have blossomed into an accomplished and challenging band, drawing equally from Megadeth, Mastodon and their own fertile, musical imaginations. Rottweiler Records will release The Woods Will End You on June 3rd and this hugely impressive album needs to be heard!

    Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
    For fans of: Mastodon | Megadeth | Damn The Machine| Kinetic Dissent

    Bryce Maopolski – Guitar/Vocals
    Reece Maopolski – Bass/Vocals
    John Haring - Drums


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