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Buckshot Facelift - Ulcer Island

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    Ulcer Island is a bitter, windswept place; a desolate, decaying jumble of rocks, hidden in the sea mists. It’s all too easy to find if your footsteps through life lead you down the wrong paths and it’s all too easy to forget the way home once you’re there. It’s where Fergus dreams of frost collecting on corpses and Sundress Skeletor tempts the lost with her toothless mouth and bleeding eyes. Let Buckshot Facelift take you across the water to this place of madness and despair. Become part of the story of this island asylum, breathe in the rot, walk through the filth and human detritus...just don’t miss the last boat back to shore.

    Formed in Huntington, New York in 2004 Buckshot Facelift have dedicated themselves to setting the horror of the human condition to the sound of the most extreme and eclectic grindcore imaginable. This band knows no limits musically or lyrically. Their musical creativity recognises no boundaries and there is no dark place their distorted imaginations won’t explore. Since the savage bombardment of their debut album, Universal Goat Tilt, this lunatic collective have only become more twisted in thought and sound. With Ulcer Island, the band’s fourth full length release, everything has coalesced into one beautifully warped sonic sculpture. This is an ambitious concept album that explores a place of horror and bleak brutality to a raging grindcore soundtrack that swallows up and vomits out elements of death metal, power-violence and hardcore and then plants moments of unexpected beauty in the steaming black filth, like improbable, delicate flowers in a scorched earth landscape.

    Originally released in early 2017, with beautifully bleak artwork by Travis Smith (Nevermore, Opeth, Overkill etc), Ulcer Island left the minds of those that heard it in tatters, but Paragon Records have decided that the body count was too low. They are offering another batch of tickets to the island, more holidays in hell for those with a secret addiction to the basest forms of human desire. So climb aboard, the boat for Ulcer Island is leaving soon and there’s room for just one more...

    “...remarkably compelling and fresh from start to finish...”

    Genre: Grindcore
    For fans of: Brutal Truth | Fuck The Facts | Napalm Death | Pig Destroyer

    Tom Anderer – Bass/Vocals
    Sal Gregory - Drums
    Rick Habeeb – Guitars/Vocals
    Terrel Grannum – Guitars/Vocals
    Will Smith - Vocals
    King Fowley (Deceased) – Vocals on Sundress Skeletor


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