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Cadaver Carnivore - Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm

  • Cadaver Carnivore


    RELEASE DATE: JUNE 1st 2023

    A landscape beyond imagination, its features formed from fused bones and shattered sanity. A place in between that clings to the dark cliffs that demarcate the ever shifting borders that enclose the kingdoms of madness and dream, chaos and silence. Hanging above the black seas of unbeing, embraced by the aeons spanning tentacles of the ageless and nameless, this is the Darkest Realm – home to the fleshless, to the children of plague and heresy, a sanctuary for the most ancient of the sleeping gods. The gates to the Citadel Of The Immortal are open and your eternity awaits…

    Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm is the debut full length release from Cadaver Carnivore, the sole creation of Necrodaemon, Dimitry Krasnopeev. Taking the bones of classic death metal and infusing them with otherworldly atmosphere and the shades of forgotten mythistory, Necrodaemon has summoned into being a world of fantastical nightmares, of hungry shadows, crepuscular creatures and dwellers in the owl light. Monolithic riffs are whipped by the scouring winds of the void and arcane melodies rise from the dust of ages. From the justly titled introduction of ‘Immersion’, which draws you down into the storm blast of seething guitars and agonised vocals of ‘Dai Dark’, you become part of Cadaver Carnivore’s unnerving otherworld, compelled to walk with Necrodaemon as he leads you through his labyrinthine domain, exploring the blackest pits of the imagination. Past towering musical constructs you will ‘Descend To The Ancient One’, driven onwards by the sheer intensity and ghoulish grandeur of the unfurling songs. With each new midnight tale Necrodaemon reveals himself to be a master of the deathly arts, a supremely accomplished sorcerer of savagery whose understanding of the genre runs deep. Songs like ‘Citadel Of The Immortal’ are unquestionable in their death metal magnificence and Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm is staggering in its enveloping power and inspired completeness.

    Enshrouded in the majestic, macabre artwork of Nestor Povarnin (Ciemra, Derelict, Gosudar), Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm will be released on physical formats by Heretic Impalement Records and digitally by RUMF Productions on June 1st. Fans of true death metal, in its most atmospheric and enthralling form, will embrace this new entity of the extreme and hold the malformed beast that is Cadaver Carnivore – many teeth and all – in a death grip bordering on obsession. When the gates are opened do not hesitate to step across the threshold and wander amongst the chill shades of the Darkest Realm.

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Bloodbath | Demiurg | Hail Of Bullets | Grisly

    Dimitry ‘Necrodaemon’ Krasnopeev - All instruments, lyrics, mixing and mastering *vocals on Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm performed by Andrey ‘Zubr’ Raevskiy


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  • Cadaver Carnivore
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  • Cadaver Carnivore