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Castrated - Surgical Vicissitude

  • Castrated


    RELEASE DATE: JULY 19th 2024

    In my dreams I wade through crimson horrors, a bloody paradise of retribution, a brutal, unforgiving realignment of reality. I hunt and then harvest their contrition and tears. I stitch and shape, bind and break - sculpting something beautiful from the ugliness of their transgressions. And when I wake I find my dreams all around me, the many stages of death and dying, the infinite degrees of decomposition and decay. I inhale the stench of rot and bask in the sound of rattling final breaths. I gaze upon the desperate eyes and the empty sockets - fragile life bound intimately to the collapsing husks beyond death – and I know I have gifted both righteous punishment and blessed redemption…

    Delivering the most punishing of brutal death metal attacks, Castrated have arrived with their long-awaited debut EP – the five track merciless onslaught that is Surgical Vicissitude! Crawling into the light with a filthy, slithering riff, opening track ‘Deranged Manifestations’ then erupts with rage and proceeds to unleash a frenzied bludgeoning. What follows is an unrelenting orgy of slaughter – from the gargantuan force of title track ‘Surgical Vicissitude’ to the breathtaking, venomous velocity of the concluding assault, ‘Sterilized Contrition’. Throughout, inhuman vocals spew forth deranged tirades while wickedly intricate riffs lurch, spin and flay the skin. The propulsive power of the drums is overwhelming in its intensity and an aura of brutality beyond comprehension radiates from each putrid paean to inhumanity. Castrated may be a new name on the brutal death metal scene but amongst their ranks they can boast members and ex-members of Horrific Demise, Sarcophagy, Architectural Genocide, Desecrate The Faith, Asylum, Aethereus and more – and all that extreme experience can be heard in the bone-crushing performances on Surgical Vicissitude.

    The wild violence of Surgical Vicissitude was harnessed at The Metal Foundry by Tony Tipton (Between The Killings, Kraanium, Reap etc), his mixing and mastering skills honing the Castrated weaponry to eviscerating sharpness and making sure their riffs cut to the bone. With the final gruesome touch being applied by infamous artist Rudi ‘Gorgingsuicide’ Yanto (Devangelic, Flesh Hoarder etc), whose warped visions adorn the cover of Surgical Vicissitude, this mass of pulped flesh will be fed into the ravenous mouths of brutality addicts the world over by the prime purveyors of the indecent and obscene – Comatose Music. Be ready to feed on July 19th!

    Presale link: Comatose Music

    Genre: Death Metal
    For fans of: Cannibal Corpse | Avulsed | Gorgasm | Skinless

    Anthony Voight- Vocals
    Carlos Gallegos- Bass
    Jonathan Bayliss - Guitar
    Matt Behner- Drums




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